With a surprise coup and pyrotechnics have surprise special forces of the police and a hostage-taker in the prison Lübeck and the detained 32-year-old prison psychologist can unharmed rid of. National police chief Michael Wilksen and the head of the police Directorate of Lübeck, Norbert Trabs, reported on Tuesday in Kiel about the Events of the previous day, in the case of the 330 security forces from several German States had been in use.

The offender had threatened the victim with a kitchen knife. “The knife with a twelve-centimeter-long blade was in accordance with the previous findings from the holdings of the JVA,” said Wilksen. To the subject it was said that the 36-year-old Romanian have requested, you should give him official papers with signatures of lübeck’s mayor and the head of the prison, and him in his home leave.

hostage-taker in the JVA Lübeck is regarded as a “dangerous and reckless”

The hostage-taker has to serve because of a sexual offence, a multi-year prison sentence. Wilksen said, the man had been classified by the authorities “as a dangerous and reckless”. It would have been in prison for Assault against the hostage, you would have intervened immediately.

Chronologically, the hostage-taking of delivery so: To 14.12 at the prison management of the Regional control centre reported a hostage situation. It was, according to Wilksen in the areas of social therapy in prison, which usually relapse vulnerable sex offenders are supervised. The man had barricaded himself with the woman in whose office the furniture in front of the door and pushed the lock tampered with. If the man had an appointment for talk therapy or rather happen to be the psychologist took as a hostage, would have to surrender the investigation.

hostage-takers demanded the dismissal letter and two Doner

In the course of negotiations with the police, called on the Romanian to 18.50 at two kebabs, as well as the dismissal letter. From cables, he made a rope, on which he wanted to draw a basket with the stuff.

The police decided to take advantage of this Situation for the access. “While the man pulled on the rope, both hands had to use, and not the hostage could threaten security forces stormed in the room,” said Wilksen.

For the access to 20.07 p.m. detonating had come to the end of special pyrotechnics used by the man to distract. The Romanian had been overwhelmed and had suffered scarring and redness. The psychologist remained intact.

After the hostage-taking in the Lübeck prison, the offender should be moved now to a different prison. This could also be in another state, said a spokesman for the Ministry of justice.

anb / DPA