in An extremely unusual discovery made by a doctor in Taiwan in the swollen eye of a patient: He was there four vibrant toxic Mini-bees. The woman had come because of the swollen eye in the practice, without knowing something of the animals. The doctor then discovered only a few millimeters large insects.

The 29-year-old patient, whose Name was only given “Mrs Ho”, had maintained at the end of March in a grave in a cemetery, as a gust of wind in the face blew. She had noticed that something was in her eye, because she is wearing but contact lenses, didn’t you rubbed your eye, said Ho, according to the TV channel “CTS News”. Instead, Ho has flushed her eye with water.

Little bee in the eye

As it swelled and itched, went to the doctor. Doctor Horng, Chi-ting told the news Agency AFP that he was surprised to see in the investigation, “a hairy leg that peeped under the eyelid”,. “I moved under the microscope to hurt after the other – slowly, and without your body out,” said the doctor, according to “Business Insider of Singapore”. Four of the approximately three Millimeter-sized insect, he removed out of the eye of the woman. He later identified the animals as so-called furrow bees.

In English the insects are “sweat bees hot” – so the “sweat bees” – translated, because they are attracted by sweat. The animals should have from the tear fluid of the woman is nourished. The doctor said at a press conference, the bees had mistaken the eyelid, apparently, “an armpit”. Fortunately, the poisonous insects have not attacked the eye, and be relatively quickly removed. Otherwise, the bees could have been crushed, which could lead to blindness of the woman. In spite of this painful experience the patient has had so much luck.

sources: AFP, “Washington Post”, “BBC”, “Business Insider Singapore”, “CTS News”.


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