One of the basic rules for airline passengers is: “Smoking is prohibited”. On an Alaska Airlines flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia, a passenger ignored the ban, however. During the flight he tried to light a cigarette. The staff asked him not to. As he started, however, a second attempt, had to change the plane and, finally, even his course.

the flight was via Chicago

redirected to machine a put a stop in Chicago, invited the annoying passenger, and then raised again in the direction of Philadelphia. The flight was without incident from the plane – but the flight to Philadelphia was delayed nevertheless. Because the plane had to refuel.

“Due to a disruptive passenger on Board and because of the safety precautions applicable to the flight was diverted to Chicago and landed at 4:22 a.m. local time,” said Alaska Airlines to “CNN”. The Chicago police told the TV station that she was asked because of the smoker, “was a little unruly”, to be at the airport in Chicago.

Whether or not the passenger will be punished for his behavior, is still unclear. The US Federal aviation authority, “FAA”, for rules on flights in charge, told “CNN” that the incident was being investigated. An arrest there, according to the Chicago police. The FBI and the U.S. Marshals told CNN that they took the annoying passenger. According to the recommendations of a flight attendant or a Pilot-in-command should submit a report to the rule-breaking. If there is already a report was written, according to “CNN” it is still not known.

source: “CNN”


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