New excitement to the election advertising of the AfD: A poster of the party in the state of Brandenburg with the likeness of the former social-democratic Chancellor Willy Brandt (1913-1992) for outrage. “The reference to Willy Brandt, is a gross abuse, and is simply obscene”, said the longtime Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse, Berlin’s “Tagesspiegel”.

Thus, the party used the state election of 1. September, a campaign poster with a photo of Brandt’s and its slogan “dare More democracy”.

SPD-Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil criticized the poster on Twitter. “Willy Brandt stands for peace, freedom, & the unity of Germany. The AfD stands for fission and baiting!”, so the politician. Ralf Stegner expressed displeasure. “He (Willy Brandt) stood for the decent Germany. The AfD stands for the opposite,” the SPD Federal Vice on Twitter.

German foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has criticized the AfD is sharp. “Willy Brandt would have been for right-wing only one left had a most profound contempt,” wrote Maas on Twitter. “If splitter and propagandists abusing him today, is simply disgusting.”

Brandt was from 1969 to 1974 the head of government of a social-liberal coalition of the SPD and the FDP. He was more than twenty years of the SPD-party leader.

AfD relies on the GDR civil rights movement

The former Federal President Thierse also criticised, once again, the appeal of right-wing populist party to the East German civil rights movement. At that time it had gone to basic rights, freedom, democracy and openness to the world. “The equating of the Federal Republic of today, with the DDR back then, an unbelievable trivialisation of the GDR”, was criticized by the East German SPD politician. The GDR was a non-free country, and today’s Federal Republic, however, was so free that even the AfD “in their work”.

With Slogans such as “We are the people!” or “at the end of the turn” moves the AfD a campaign under the slogan “turn 2.0”. Many of the hopes of the East Germans in the “first turn” had not been fulfilled, it is called from the party. On Wednesday it rained already criticism. The acting SPD Chairman Manuela said Schwesig about: “The mendacity of the AfD is hard to beat.”