For several weeks, according to media reports, a nationwide series of suspected right-wing threats of Violence against politicians and other public prominent persons.

It’s going to be more than 100 sent E-Mails, which were signed with “national-socialist Offensive”, “NSU 2.0” or “Wehrmacht”, reported on Wednesday night, the Süddeutsche Zeitung and the NDR. Including bomb are threats. In the case of searches, however, were so far found no bombs.

Because the corresponding threats have been cleared on Monday of the Lübeck main station and on Tuesday the tax office Gelsenkirchen as a precaution, it said. At least five-ten Times to be received since the December bomb threats with the sender “of the national socialist Offensive” at the courts or justice centres, among others at the Munich higher regional court, the higher regional court of Bamberg, the public Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt, but also at the Hamburg airport.

The Federal Prosecutor has been created according to the Reports, a full system scan. A spokesman for the Karlsruhe authority would not comment on request for more details, but referred to the local Prosecutor’s offices. According to the Reports, the attorneys General of the States have agreed that the investigations into the Berlin public Prosecutor’s office (file no. 231 UJs. 181/19). From there, content was not receive any opinion, a spokesman announced Thursday a reaction. Is determined according to the media allegations of predatory extortion, sedition and disturbance of the public peace by the threat of crime.

The personally addressed Letter had been sent from different mail accounts, in the choice of words, but so similar that investigators suspected a connection, reported the media. It will go against politicians, lawyers, journalists, the Central Council of the Jews, but also the singer Helene Fischer, who had said after the riots in Chemnitz critical. Whether behind it, however, always the same persons were, or free-riding, occurs is unclear.

A Mail was received on Tuesday the member of the Bundestag Martina Renner (Left), it said. It was signed “the national socialist Offensive,” and announced to send in the future, letter bombs, and to execute citizens on the open road. You have assault rifles, pistols, and biological warfare agents.

it is Known that under the Ticker symbol “NSU 2.0” in the past few months, Drohschreiben to a Frankfurt-based lawyer sent. NSU is the abbreviation of the so-called national socialist underground who had killed ten people, for which the only Survivor of Beate Zschäpe in a not-yet-final judgment, as the accomplice who had been convicted of. In the Letter to the Frankfurter, a lawyer with the background knowledge from the information system of the police was revealed, which is why now against Hessian officers is determined. This case was an exception in the series, it was said in media reports. In other cases, the E would have included-Mails only publicly available information.