almost four weeks after Rebecca’s family and the police are Disappear in front of a puzzle. Of the 15-Year-old, is still missing, the suspect’s brother-in-law is sitting in jail, but his lawyer in prison, has filed an appeal, in order to examine whether the reasons for the warrant are present, such as the “image”newspaper reported. The family believes in the innocence of the 27-year-old Florian and Rebecca’s mother is now an “Internet acquaintance” to the game.

man Rebecca visit

“I think There were actually someone. A Max or Maxi,” said the woman in the “Colorful” on the question of whether the young people have perhaps met a man on the Internet, and this for wanted to keep. The magazine, the mother said that the man wanted to visit her daughter. “I told her that she could meet him, not alone,” says the mother. Rebecca had promised to bring someone to a Meeting. Whether the mother reported to the police of your suspicion, is unclear. You are not going to comment on details of the Express the members of the media, said a police spokesman to the news Agency DPA.

About your son, Florian, has been sitting for almost two weeks in remand, reported Rebecca’s mother only Good. He was “like a son”, she says, he would add “never sorry”. For Rebecca’s sister Jessica, a world is broken together, as her husband had been arrested. She describes it as “heart in good, sensitive husband and a touching father for our daughter.” “My sisters also Florian’s sisters. With Vivian he goes to concerts with Becci, he plays on a Laptop or Playstation or watches TV with us,” says Jessica.

police ground radar sets

The police continued their search in a Brandenburg forest. Members of the homicide, forensic technicians, as well as the 14 forces of the Federal Agency for Technical relief (THW), were in the village of Rieplos 50 kilometers Southeast of Berlin. To be held results of the action the police covered. “On Tuesday were backed up at the location traces. The evaluation will take,” said a spokeswoman. On Wednesday THW a-forces then a ground-penetrating radar device that can be used to explore abnormalities in the ground. In the vicinity of the Suchorts Rieplos the motorway from Berlin goes to Frankfurt (Oder). There the car of the suspect’s brother-in-law had been recorded on the day of the disappearance and the next day.

Here’s the stuff call the police.

sources: “Colorful” DPA, “image”

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