With a wrong entry in a form for the joint tax return, a Hamburg-based couple has created a furore, and a little debate on the lack of equality in the tax software.

The woman had entered, namely short-hand as the first taxpayer and her husband second. “Since husband was “”, but my wife has listed as easy,” said the Hamburg Fabian Scherschel of the German press Agency. The small deviation led to the end of, the employees of the tax office Hamburg-Nord had to portage the data manually and so the tax bill for the couple had longer to wait than usual.

The free Journalist Scherschel to handle the issue, therefore, in his Internet blog under the topic of “sexism” and demanded a more modern Software, or forms that make a representation of the current habits of life of the citizens better. Why should not the woman in the first place? The amount of the allowance was shared on Facebook and Twitter several times and commented. “It has surprised me to the extreme, the kind of resonance that I have triggered. Many people speaks from the heart. It seems to be bothering a lot of people,” says Scherschel.

The Software competent state authority for taxes in Bavaria refers, however, to the fact that the nationally prescribed sequence is in the form of randomly and to be free from gender-based classification. She was, instead, a purely organisational security measure to the “income tax mass procedures as quickly as possible and efficiently” handle. Therefore, explicit mappings are important. Also in the case of same-sex spouses, the once-established order must be maintained.


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