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Dirty snow is deleted in the Siberian small town white (13: 41)Six decapitated baby seals in new Zealand discovered (11.22 p.m.), a Blind American tourist in a historical city of the Incas in Peru lost (9.55 PM)EU agreed on a ban of disposable plastic (6.55), Belgium’s Premier Michel wants to resign (4.26 PM)

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+++ 16.51 watch: EU member States agree on the prohibition of unfair trading practices +++

The member States and the Parliament of the EU have a common action against unfair practices in the supply chain for food assistance. “Small farmers and medium-sized producers in the Agricultural and food sector will soon be better protected against abuses by bigger trading partners,” said the Austrian presidency in Brussels. Representatives of the German medium-sized businesses criticized the agreement.

According to the agreed Directive, small and medium-sized enterprises in the food sector with an annual turnover of less than € 350 million to enjoy in the future, special protection. A number of practices, such as late payment for perishable foods or cancellations of orders at the last Minute, be totally prohibited.

+++ 16.16 at: 600 houses in case of major fire in the slums in Brazil + destroyed++

In the case of a large fire in a poor district of the Amazon metropolis of Manaus are around risen 600 houses in flames. According to the Brazilian health authorities, at least 17 people were at the fire on Tuesday night hurt. Four of them were due to smoke poisoning in the hospital.

A government representative of the Federal state of Amazonas, spoke of “perhaps the largest urban fire in the history of Manaus”. Around 100 firefighters were deployed to extinguish the fire in the poor district of Educandos.

hundreds of residents fled in panic from their homes and cracks on belongings that you could take in the hurry, as an AFP photographer reported. Complicates the deletion were to work through the narrow streets in the district, which were also often parked in. Tow truck had to move vehicles.

+++ 15.52 PM: Skeletonized corpse from Bavaria comes from missing occupation student +++

After the discovery of a skeletonized body in Aschaffenburg in Bavaria, the investigations have shown a connection to a known criminal case. It was the dead one since may of last year, missing 16-year-old professional student from the district of Aschaffenburg, and informed the police and the Prosecutor’s office. You assume that she was killed by her father.

According to the submerged 44-Year-old is already wanted by the police since the beginning of June, 2017, because he was injured a few weeks after the Disappearance of his daughter, whose 23-year-old then-boyfriend with a knife heavy. The skeletonized body was discovered nearly two weeks ago from a stroller off of a route in an area with fields and patches of forest. The identity was initially unclear.

+++ 15.15: US media: the United States prepare to withdraw from Syria before +++

The US media prepare according to consistent Reports from several US-the withdrawal of its troops from Syria. The reported, among other things, the “Wall Street Journal” and CNN. President Donald Trump have made the decision, and the Ministry of defence instructed to do so, CNN reported, citing sources in the Pentagon. The “Wall Street Journal” , are already allies in the Region were informed. Trump was on the phone last week with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The US has currently deployed around 2,000 soldiers in Syria, officially as a consultant and Trainer of the Syrian opposition forces.

+++ 15: South Africa issues arrest warrant against Zimbabwean Ex-First Lady Mugabe +++

South Africa’s justice for assault warrant for the arrest of Zimbabwe’s former First Lady, Grace Mugabe, has been adopted. The background of an alleged assault on a young Model in front of almost one and a half years in a Hotel in South Africa’s economic hub Johannesburg. Grace should enter Mugabe now to South Africa, you would be arrested, said police spokesman Vishnu Naidoo. “We also ask Interpol for help to reach your arrest,” he said. It appeared unlikely, however, that Zimbabwe’s Grace would deliver Mugabe.

+++ 14.35 PM: government spokesman: Chancellor has no plans to reshuffle +++

In the Federal government there is no place for a Minister of Ex-Union parliamentary leader Friedrich Merz (CDU). “The Chancellor is not planning any Cabinet reshuffle,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert in Berlin. A further question is redundant.

Merz had offered after his defeat in the battle for the CDU presidency, indirectly, a change in the Cabinet of Chancellor Angela Merkel. “Such an office I would trust me because of my experience in business and politics,” he told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. The decision was a matter for the Chancellor.

+++ 13.41 PM: Dirty snow is deleted in the Siberian small town white +++

snow falls in Russia a lot, but not always, he remains white and attractive. In the small town of Myski in the Siberian coalfield in the Kuzbass city employees have painted a toboggan hills of dirty snow with white paint. A resident posted a Video of how the water sticks the color on your hands. Mayor Dmitry Ivanov apologized and ordered to remove the color. “I hold back with comments to the professional qualities of these workers,” he said to the Agency Interfax according to. The Luge facility employee responsible had been reprimanded.

+++ 13.34 PM: accidental death of 16-Year-old to the train station comes after almost nine years in court +++

Almost nine years after the fatal accident of a 16-year-old schoolgirl on the train station in the Hessian Neuhof the case is still before the court. The higher regional court (OLG) of Frankfurt am Main opened with a publish decision after a complaint to the Prosecutor’s office to a method for negligent homicide before the regional court in Fulda. Four of the defendants is alleged to have omitted through negligence the death of a student caused. (Az. 2 Ws 7/18)

The 16-Year-old was recognised at the beginning of February 2010 at the train station Neuhof by a train and fatally injured after she fell onto the tracks. According to the indictment of the Prosecutor’s office in Fulda you slipped at an icy place. The authority assumes that the death of the schoolgirl could have been prevented with a proper winter service. She complained, therefore, the managing Director of the Winterservice contractor, a dispatcher and two senior railway staff.

+++ 13.09 PM: Because of abuse allegations, the Vatican and the U.S. bishops +++

Pope Francis dismisses has accepted the resignation of the suffragan of Los Angeles, the abuse of a Minor is accused of. The allegations against Alexander Salazar date back to the 1990s, such as the Archdiocese said. At the time, Salazar was still a priest. Salazar have denied behavior since the advent of the allegations of any misconduct. A by the Archdiocese furnished, independent oversight Board have found the accusations but to be credible, it was said in the message.

+++ 12.58 PM: Lithuania adopts the Russians because of the suspicion of espionage +++

Lithuanian investigators have arrested several people on suspicion of spying for Russia. According to the authorities, they will have tasks for the Russian secret service and tries to be perceived, to influence their activities, and Links to extra-parliamentary parties, political processes. Among the arrested is also the Chairman of the founded in 2008, the Lithuanian Socialist people’s front, was attorney-General Evaldas Pasilis said in Vilnius. For more information on the number of the authorities have not made a report to the Agency BNS.

+++ 12.41 PM: EU adopts emergency measures for the case of the disordered Brexit +++

The European Union has decided to 100 days prior to the Brexit for the case of a disorderly exit of great Britain a series of emergency measures. The plans are necessary to limit “the worst damage to a ‘No Deal’scenario,” said the EU Commission. Especially trade, transport and Finance are to be protected.

+++ 12.38 PM: process in Vienna: a 16-Year-old killing of a seven-year-old +++

With a confession confesses in Vienna, the trial of a 16-Year-old that is charged with the murder of a seven-year-old girl from the neighborhood. “I plead guilty,” said the young person before the district court. He had been instructed in may 2018 by a voice in his head, gagging the girl and kill then in the shower.

The head of the child was not separated by stitches in the neck almost. The Prosecutor said the defendant had worked months in advance with the topic of murder, and in his view the best variant considered. The defender said: “He is not so seriously ill, that he knows what he’s doing, and not right from wrong can distinguish.” The girl came from the same residential complex. The families of the victim and the offender were friends.

+++ 12.34 PM: Brussels decides on emergency measures +++

The EU has adopted emergency measures in case of the disordered Brexit. More to come soon.

+++ 12.29 PM: Rome and Brussels in the dispute over Italy’s budget +++

Italy and the European Commission have reached an agreement in the dispute over the budget plans of the Italian government for the year 2019. The EU Commission in Brussels announced, thus confirming reports in the Italian media. The original draft budget of the populist government in Rome, Brussels had in October rejected because he has violated EU budget rules.

+++ 12.20 PM: suspicion of abuse: the diocese of Erfurt shows Catholic priests +++

In the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church of the diocese of Erfurt criminal complaint against one of his former priests in the North of Thuringia. It is the suspicion of sexual abuse of a Minor between 1962 and 1965 by the now-retired clergy, informed the diocese. The deeds are said to have in today’s kyffhäuser Kreis occurred. The alleged victim was even reported to the diocese. The Accused deny the allegations. Abuse would have been found already in a file note from the year 1989, at that time, but not been investigated systematically.

The suspected case is the first known from the diocese of Erfurt for the presentation of a study on the abuse scandal by the Catholic German bishops conference (DBK) in September.

+++ 11.58 PM: city of Bochum does not have to get back to the attacker Sami A. +++

The city of Bochum don’t have to bring back the wrongly deported Islamist threat Sami A. to Germany. The decision of the administrative court of Gelsenkirchen. However, Sami A. may put in an appeal. (Az, 8, L 2184/18)

There is another legal milestone in the months-Year-long tug-of-war in the case of the 42-in. Sami A. was on 13. July to Tunisia have been deported, even though the judge had said the day before due to torture risk. However, as this decision to the competent authorities was delivered, sat Sami A. already on the plane to Tunis. The court rebuked the conduct of the authorities, and ordered the immediate return of Sami.

+++ 11.45 a.m.: a report on the arrest of the third canadian in China +++

After the temporary detention of a Chinese top Manager in Canada China has detained a canadian press report found that a third of Canadians. The canadian newspaper “National Post” reported citing the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Ottawa. The foreign Ministry spokesman called, therefore, no details. The question of a possible connection with the capture of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of the Chinese technology group Huawei, he left it open. The Chinese foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said in Beijing, you’ve heard of an arrest, “nothing”. the

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