cowbells In the “wood-Kirchner dispute” rings for years, defendant, a farmer, the neighbor, see a couple, and representatives of the community again to find a solution. On Wednesday they met in the second instance before the higher regional court of Munich (OLG).

This brought a new variant to the game: If the parties could not agree would have to take perhaps the thing itself in the “eyes and ears glow,” said the presiding judge, John Nagorsen. Since the night’s rest, it would be “that we spend with or without experts, there is a night”. The couple would make the Night possible in any case, said his attorney, Peter HART heart later. Finally, the two wanted to finally rest.

once the court was looking for compromises. If it was possible, with a single Cowbell to get along, why need it in a fenced-in pasture at all the bells – and what the farmer’s wife Regina Killer of a compensation? The plaintiff had made it clear that he would show himself generous, said Nagorsen. This could be “worthwhile for a farmer’s wife”. But she refused: “I do not take bribes.” The pasture was the best she had; the trees would offer protection for your animals.

representatives of the municipality were sceptical about this to reach a compensation adjustment of the Grazing. The community complains also, because they leased the land to the farmer – support agriculture.

The couple also feels of flies disturbed, flying around the cows, and from there to your idyllic property, and from the land application of manure. After the first the man and then his wife in separate cases before the regional court of Munich II had failed, has now moved to the man in front of the OLG.

Both of them were failed in the first instance, especially because a husband 2015 with the farmer’s wife closed comparison. Accordingly, may only graze in the more distant part of the Meadow with a good 20 meters distance cow bell. The couple but it was still too loud.

The court must now consider whether the comparison is binding on the plaintiff, or whether he can be supplemented. For its action against insects and manure judges Nagorsen made the couple is no hope. The spreading of slurry was a local, temporary odor “you have to accept just”. And in insects, is hardly verifiable, whether they come from the cows.

would be The best solution for his client, if on the Meadow and no cows would graze that said hard heart. For this, he would accept that more manure will spread.