The key messages in the Overview:Life sentences plus 419 years in prison for U.S. neo-Nazi to Charlottesville-attack (22: 52)27-Year-old murder have to the Dresden scientist stood (17.17 hours), and Von der Leyen will have to resign as defense Minister (16: 44) Meuthen not set up as a Delgierter (15.35 hrs)art collector Frieder Burda is dead (11.32 p.m.)Federal sold the discarded U-boat for 400,000 euros (10.50 PM)to take children by car to his heels, the police will stop you after 1000 miles (8.06 PM)

condemned the news of The day:

+++ 22.52 PM: Life sentence plus 419 years in prison for U.S. neo-Nazi to Charlottesville-attack +++

there is A already to life in prison of convicted neo-Nazi in the USA to life in prison plus 419 years in prison. A court in the state of Virginia imposed the penalty against the 22-year-old James Alex Fields. He was raced in August 2017 on the verge of a neo-Nazi demonstration in Charlottesville with a car into a group of counter-demonstrators, and had killed a woman and another 29 people injured. For the murder of the 32-year-old counter-protester Fields had been found last December by a Grand jury guilty. At the end of June, he was already convicted of 29 hate crimes to life imprisonment. Fields was escaped in the process of the death penalty, because he had pleaded guilty.

+++ 21.50 PM: Iran is considering increasing the uranium enrichment level of nuclear deal

The struggle for the preservation of the nuclear agreement with Iran continues, The EU reiterated its commitment to the retention of the Iranian nuclear authority considered, meanwhile, to increase the uranium enrichment to the level from the period before the agreement. Europeans and the United States should not comply with their obligations, going to Iran on the Situation of four years ago, to return, was quoted by the state news Agency Irna, a spokesman for the atomic energy authority. It is the Iran question, “to give diplomacy a Chance and to bring the other side back to their senses”. “We will do everything that is possible, so that the nuclear agreement with Iran has”, said the Spanish foreign Minister, Josep Borrell, who is nominated as a future EU foreign representative. However, this was “because of the behavior of the USA is very difficult.”

+++ 20.47 clock: Ex-world Boxing killed master Whitaker lethal +++

The former Boxing world champion and Olympic champion Pernell Whitaker came at the age of 55 years in the case of a traffic accident in his hometown of Virginia Beach in the United States lost their lives. According to police sources he had been hit by a car. Whitaker nickname was “Sweet Pea” (sweet pea), he was regarded as a master of the Defensive. In 1984, he was in Los Angeles Olympic champion in the lightweight world title he won in four weight classes. In the memory, with his draw against Julio Cesar Chavez in 1993, remained in front of more than 60,000 fans in San Antonio, which is considered due to its dominance today as one of the biggest miscalculations of the judges.

+++ 19.44 at: Macron wants to get involved in the Kosovo conflict, reinforced +++

The French President Emmanuel Macron wants to fight even stronger for the settlement of the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo. “In the next few months I’m going for a serious dialogue to engage,” said Macron at a joint press conference with his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade. The almost exclusively Albanian-inhabited Kosovo had declared 2008 to be independent. Belgrade does not want to, however, recognise the young state. Europe could not accept a “fatal conflict” that “has been dragging on for an indefinite period of time and of forces outside of Europe will be decided,” said Macron. “France wants to help us on the way to Europe, and in the case of the solution of the Kosovo crisis,” said Vucic.


resignation of the government office

Ursula von der Leyen puts everything on a card

The Secretary of defense’s office – to show that she necessarily wants to be EU Commission boss. She is now with the skin and the hair for the choice or non-choice.

From Stefan Schmitz +++ 19: 42: Osram receives takeover offer from Austria +++

In the case of the troubled lighting manufacturer Osram has reported, according to two U.S. financial investors, another prospective buyer. The Austrian semiconductor group AMS offer in the course of a non-binding, preliminary expressions of interest 38.50 per share, was informed by Osram in Munich, Germany. In order for the Austrians to beat the US financial investors Bain Capital and Carlyle, which had previously offered 35 euros per share, the Munich-based traditional company. The Osram share price rose after the statement after trading hours significantly.

+++ 19.18 watch: Facebook wants to Libra-Start will only start after the approval of the Supervisory authorities +++

Facebook its planned crypto-currency Libra only after the approval of the Supervisory authorities. Concerns need to be resolved before a Start completely, it said in a prepared speech text of David Marcus, the is in Facebook for a Libra in charge. Marcus is a member of the Bank Committee of the Senate. There should be a Start of Libra the appropriate permits. So far, the official Start for the first half of the year 2020. The Cryptocurrency will not compete with the national currencies of the countries and the monetary policy of the Central banks not to interfere, Marcus. It would also affect the monetary policy of the Central banks. Libra should be used as a means of payment, and not as an object of speculation.

+++ 19.08 clock: the CDU-chief Senftleben: a Federal Cabinet post for East German politicians +++

The Brandenburg CDU-Chef Ingo Senftleben calls for the upcoming change in the Federal Cabinet, a Post for an East German politician. “Now that there is movement at the Cabinet table, account must be taken of the East,” said Senftleben, the Partner Newspapers of the New Berlin-based editorial company. This would be “an important Signal for our Region.” Background the resignation announcement by defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) is. She wants to be elected on Tuesday President of the EU Commission and informed, regardless of the outcome of the election of her Minister on Wednesday to abandon. Senftleben expressed his support for von der Leyen.

+++ 18.13 am: the First court indictment for Cum-Ex-tax-deals-to-method +++

In the tax scandal is highly controversial Cum-Ex-stock deals it comes to a first court. The regional court in Bonn has approved the indictment of the Cologne public Prosecutor’s office, according to the news Agency DPA learned. A court spokesman refused to comment, however. The Cologne public Prosecutor’s office, throws a 41-Year-old and a 38-prior-Year involvement in Cum-Ex-transactions to the detriment of the state Treasury. The Prosecutor of 33 cases of particularly serious tax evasion, the damage amounts to more than 440 million euros. Add to this a try. According to media reports, the accused, to the British, who were as a stock trader, and investigators in addition, as a leniency helped.

+++ 18.05 PM: Erdogan S-400 jointly with Russia, + + +

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s produce wants to build the missile defense system S-400 jointly with Russia. “Now the goal is a joint production with Russia,” he said in Ankara. The controversial delivery of S-400 from Russia to Turkey started last week. In the meantime, the ninth plane with a missile, according to the defense Ministry in Ankara to share on the air force base Mürted (formerly Akinci) in Ankara landed. Erdogan also said that the deliveries would be completed in April 2020. The purchase of the system allows for months for a dispute between Turkey and the United States.

+++ 18.01 PM: Queen of swans on the river Thames counting – new pelicans +++

The Swan counters are again five days on the Thames in the UK. Since Monday will be searched on a section of the river, from rowing boats, the birds and looked to see if you were all right. The spectacle has started in Walton-on-Thames near London, and ends on Friday in Abingdon, near Oxford. “Swan Upping” is a British Tradition, which is about up to 12. Century dates back to. At that time, employees of the Royal Palace were abandoned swans on the look-out, an important part of the Royal dining plan measure. Today, the census purely scientific purposes; the birds are protected.

+++ 17.30: Berlin to change climate research center to get +++

climate change will be explored in Berlin to a new facility. The three large Berlin universities and Charité are planning a new center to the theme, as announced. Scientists from various disciplines to conduct research together. “The movement “Fridays for our Future,” has shown once again, how big is the political and societal pressure to act on climate change”, – stated in the message. There were talks with the protest movement to possible forms of cooperation. Details, about the financing of the project, have not yet been called.

+++ 17.25 at: German weather service Tornado near Mannheim +++

In the storm that on Friday afternoon in Bobenheim am Berg, near Mannheim, a lot of damage, it was a Tornado confirmed. The German weather service (DWD) has confirmed. “It was a weak to moderate Tornado F1 category,” said DWD tornado officer Andreas Friedrich. Such a Tornado can reach wind speeds of about 118 to 180 kilometres per hour. Previously, the weather page had classified the storm in the small town in Rhineland-Palatinate already in the Tornado.

+++ 17.17 p.m.: 27-Year-old murder have to the Dresden scientist confessed +++

A 27-year-old Cretan stood, the Dresden scientist Suzanne Eaton is supposed to have killed. This several Greek news portals reports citing the police. An official confirmation on the part of the police was not first. The body of the native American with Suzanne Eaton had been found last week. The 59-Year-old had participated in a meeting of experts in the small port town of Kolymbari and was on 4. Not broken in July, a hike, from she returned. Hikers found the body in a small cave near the village of Maleme, about 8.5 kilometers from Kolymbari beach. Eaton was a native of Oakland, California. She worked at the Max-Planck-Institute for molecular cell biology and genetics.

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