The Berlin mosque-founder, Seyran Ates has called for a “mosque” for Muslims, similar to the Church tax. “Everything, what the communities need, and can be applied in the future by the members themselves,” said Ates of the “world” (online Wednesday).

The attorney is the initiator of the Ibn-Rushd-Goethe-mosque in the Berlin district of Moabit, which stands for a liberal Islam and for a gender-just interpretation of the Qur’an occurs. As such, it has so far, but also an outsider among the Muslims. The topic has already been discussed in the context of the Islam conference a few weeks ago.

Many Muslim organizations and communities in Germany are financed by the Arab monarchies of the Gulf or Turkey. You see, therefore, increasingly accused of being, mediated politically questionable values and promoted the emergence of parallel societies.

unlike the centrally organized churches, the state is pushing for the Islamic associations, no taxes. If German mosque communities receive money from the state, and then only for specific projects: such as the Integration of Muslim refugees, or the de-radicalisation of Salafist youth. In Austria, donations from abroad are banned now.

In the government coalition, the Union group Vice-Thorsten Frei (CDU), called for a “mosque”. “Our goal must be that of Islam in Germany emancipated from the influence of foreign States and a stronger domestic orientation of wins,” said Free the newspaper. “The mosque-tax would be an important step,” he added.

The SPD interior expert Burkhard Lischka told the blade: “Up to a finished concept but it is probably still a way off, we can only go with the countries together, because Church countries are taxes thing.”

The German interior Ministry state Secretary Markus Kerber (CDU) took a cautious approach. A tax could be a solution, it was “a matter for the religious communities themselves”. The mosques would have to meet the requirements of the religion constitutional right to a public Corporation, he told the blade. What pay for, without Kerber mentioned it: Of it the in the orientation very different, and not centrally organised mosques are far away.

He was of the opinion, “that there is a own control of easier ways, which are based on more self-initiative in order to make from abroad independently,” said Kerber.


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