The President cheered this time, he said the loser sets. We must, said Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday evening, the decisions of the people accept, belong in a democracy.

His party, the AKP, has stood at the local elections, and some low-insertion. For the first Time in 25 years, it has lost expected to be the mayor of Ankara. In Istanbul, their candidate, after all, the former Prime Minister Binali Yildirim was almost on a par with the competitors from the Opposition. Both the ACP candidate as well as the Opposition claimed there late in the evening of the victory.

the Clear winners on election day were not. The electoral authority YSK had stopped shortly after 23: 00 local time, to publish the election results. Since it is only 91 percent of the votes had been counted. Whether you want the results on Monday with a replacement, remained unclear. Across the country, the AKP, with about 45 percent of all the remained voices were the strongest party.

The voters in Turkey have a message

It was for a while the last election in Turkey, after half a decade in which the Turks constantly. On the municipal and the 2014 presidential elections, two parliamentary elections in 2015 followed. Only in 2016, came out without a choice, the military coup falls into this year. In 2017, the Turks voted on the new Constitution, and in 2018, it was a surprise to Erdogan to call for new elections of the Parliament and the President.

Erdogan’s hope that he survives the current municipal elections, despite the economic crisis, to some extent, and that then calm. All the Offices are now being filled by 2023. In fact, the voters have shown him, especially in the big cities, that you have not, and their democracy is still not abandoned, that you are not quiet ready to be a Cemetery.

If the Opposition wins in Turkey is a choice, it means for Erdogan, that his System has failed. The System is designed to ensure that elections can’t go wrong.