Julian Assange sits for the time being in prison in London. At the beginning of may, a court has to deal with his possible extradition to the United States. The followers of the Wikileaks-founder, already mobile. The international press commented on the arrest of the 47-Year-old.

Süddeutsche Zeitung : “”Julian assange’s merit is as a data supplier, a pioneer of modern Leak-to-be journalism in the digital data and stories about abuse of power, greed, and duplicity mountains provide. The vast majority of journalists to develop this type of prefer to without Assange continue to be moderate and responsible. Assange’s court cases earn the same as probably the greatest attention. In any case, the justice may criminalize investigative Work of journalists. The Public will be watching with prying eyes.”

“mittelbayerische Zeitung” : “The danger is, the baby with the bath water. The Trump-government could have tried to pursue Assange for something journalists do every day: sources to collect confidential information and to publish, even and especially when it does not suit the government. It is in the Assange case is not about a questionable defending character, but the freedom of the press. Therefore, the case is more complicated than he presents himself at first glance.”

Wikileaks founder

Assange and the USA: What to consider behind the arrest of the Wikileaks founder

Rune Weichert

“Reutlinger General-Anzeiger” is : “Who makes sensitive information public, there are always consequences. A successful example of this is the publication of the Panama Papers. And not only because of a tax fraud was uncovered, but because journalists Andes with your name on it for this decision once. It is this responsibility that Assange does not. He thinks he’s above the law.”

Washington Post : “Mr Assange is not a Hero of the free press. Yes, Wikileaks has obtained secret government documents, and published (…). Contrary to journalistic standards, Mr. Assange has obtained such documents, but sometimes unethical ways (…). Also unlike real journalists, Wikileaks has dumped Material in the Public domain, without making the effort to check the truth or to give the above-mentioned persons the opportunity to Express themselves. Of course, a real Journalist would not have cooperated with the conspiracy of a secret service of an authoritarian regime in order to harm a U.S. presidential candidate, and the use of another. After Ecuador already has included guarantees that Mr Assange is not guilty of an offense in the United States to deliver on the death penalty (espionage implicitly), should the UK fear that a Hacking process against him would endanger the freedom of the press.”


der Standard: “”Assange is not accused of his publications, but that he did advise the members of the army, Chelsea Manning, to crack passwords. This may be illegal, there may be circumstantial evidence. The year-long hunt for him to this indictment but not in proportion. The point, a pretext, a legal replacement action is, apparently. Is Assange in the United States – who knows what will happen then. The other allegations against him, especially those of the rape in Sweden, are to educate.”

Mysterious Disappearance

Where is Julian assange’s cat? There is a presumption

By Annette Berger Italy

“Corriere della Serra” : “Less than seven years it took to transform to Julian Assange of a Rockstar (…) in an alleged Russian spy, an employee of Russian state television, Idol of the American Right after the sinking of the campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016 due to Hacker attacks. (…)

Assange was becoming less and less welcome guest of the Ecuadorian government, ( … ), which threatens in the end to caps made him the Internet connection, like petulant teenagers. (…)

The long and forced to stay in London of Julian Assange, inventor and leader of Wikileaks, on the run from the Swedish, British, American justice, is a spy novel, such as John le Carré would like that, a justice Thriller alla John Grisham, and at the same time a little reassuring signs of the times.”

the Netherlands

“NRC Handelsblad”: “assange lawyers say in advance that your client will do everything in his Power to make the extradition to the United States. With the Argument that he’s there to expect no fair trial, but a political judgment. Assange’s fear is not unfounded. With his revelations in the year 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, he has fallen out with the democratic Establishment. But the Republicans have to expect nothing Good from Assange when he begins to talk about sources in the Russian secret service, to him to have the confidential E-Mails from Clinton. (…)

Wikileaks has developed in the last years to a personal Propaganda Organ for Assange. The extradition to the United States, the United Kingdom seems to be, finally, the next Station on assange’s travel. The corridor in front of an American judge is the only correct way out of the maze, which Assange himself has created.”

the United Kingdom

Financial Times : “As with all extradition cases, have to decide, first of all, the courts, and not public opinion. Despite its popularity, Assange should be treated like everyone else. No doubt he must bear the consequences of that, he has not appeared in 2012 in London after his release on bail at a court hearing. (…)

For some, Assange is a Martyr in the name of freedom of speech and transparency. The other hand, he is considered an enemy of the state. And still others believe that he is little more than a stooge for Russia’s Vladimir Putin. That his arrest and the following cases trigger a great emotion, was inevitable. The procedure can the speed of a traditional court, however, not override. The judiciary should not make exceptions due to certain political preferences.”


“Tages-Anzeiger” : “assange’s arrest in London after 2487 days in self-imposed asylum in the Ecuadorian Boeconomic is not the attack on the “freedom of whistleblowers” and the press as a whole, as assange’s supporters claim. You should and must be the prelude to a fair legal process, which so far at least dodgy Work of the Hackers, at least legally clarify properly. The Propagandist of the total transparency can now Do transparency on his own.”

Neue Zürcher Zeitung : “Now he is sound again, the Outcry. Around the globe, outraged people will take party for Julian Assange, the freedom fighter who dared to stand with publications on its platform Wikileaks against the dark forces of the Imperial American state. The UK will be denounced as America’s foolish sidekick in a long-planned conspiracy. (…)

The US extradition request. The charge is, however, not to spy, but to conspiracy to Hack into government computers and Steal secret government files. The of Assange and his followers, since 2010, maintained the myth that the USA sought to the hack for life, finds no confirmation. The UK is also on the extradition request in accordance with legal rules. This includes the guarantee of human rights. There is no reason to doubt a correct method of British justice.”

vit / DPA

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