A clear majority of citizens in Germany want, according to a survey, a legal right to be allowed to work from home.

In a survey conducted by the opinion research Institute YouGov for the editors ‘ network of Germany were in favour, 68 per cent of the German plans of the Federal Ministry of labour. 28 percent agreed “strongly” and 40 percent “somewhat”. Particularly high support among the 18 was, therefore, to – to 24-Year-olds with 71 percent. Among women, the desire was to a home office with a 72 percent greater than among men (64 percent).

However, to get workers to the plans of the Federal Ministry of labour, soon to have better legal rules for part-time Work from home. A law with the right to a home office should be decided in the course of this year, said state Secretary Björn Böhning to the editors ‘ network Germany (RND). “We will find non-bureaucratic solutions.”

All that could at least occasionally work from home, should be given better opportunities to do that too. The proposed framework also belong to that employers and employees talk to each other about models of time and attendance. Böhning said that there would be a clear rule that the law on mobile work is limited to those cases “in the home office in respect of work equipment used outside the operation is really possible”.

According to a DIW study, 40 percent of workers could work in Germany from home. “Only twelve percent do. We are so far removed from what is actually possible,” said Böhning.

The SPD had promised in the context of their recent social-state concept: “will We be a law on mobile Work and home office by law so that more workers benefit from the digital advantages.”


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