a farmer, Florian Knows from Bavaria, his girlfriend has sown a marriage proposal into a field. The question of all questions – “Mogst mi heiran?” – with a heart from the air. “It was a night and fog action,” said the 24-Year-old the German press Agency on Monday. Previously onetz.de had been reported.

last autumn he had sown the barley with a modern and extremely precise working machine, said White. A couple of weeks, the Whole thing grew until he took his girlfriend on the field in Hahn Bach, near Regensburg, together with her from a crane 30 meters in height and his question finally. She said Yes – the wedding will take place this October.

fortunately, his Plan was to

White and his girlfriend are together, he claimed, for six years, for two years, you’ll be under one roof. Therefore, he was in front of the application is quite optimistic. Rather, he was worried that his Plan might not work. “You need a culture that develops in the autumn, so you can read the letters,” he said. Because of the dry weather he had feared, in the meantime, that the seed could not rise far enough.

It is not the first oversized marriage proposal. In 2009, for example, had a farmer from the upper Bavarian Pettling his girlfriend the message “Want me to get married” with 150 pressed straw bales in a field. Also, at the time, the gesture had no success.

ky / DPA

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