Germany for the first Time in 50 years the President of the EU Commission. The Germans can now say with pride: We have won! We are Europe! Or?

you play on the “image”sub-headline “We are Pope”? No, I thought the headline at the time, is wrong, and I think your remake is wrong. Ursula von der Leyen will not only have success, if their national origin in the foreground.

you need to explain.

What I’m saying now, sounds like a paradox, but that’s how the EU works. The influence and success of the end of the world will rise in the dimensions, the more it occurs as a team player and the less you use it alone dares. It will be important to find a language and a style that takes you to many countries and party groups. Your application speech in German, English and French, pointed in the right direction. This multilingualism has worked in an integrative manner, and the need to continue your policy as President of the Commission.

the nationality of the Commission heads is not important?

In the distribution of Offices, there was always a national proportional thinking, and has been since the 50s. The effect of a President less his nationality rather than his back but decides to stop in the respective States. It makes a very big difference, whether someone has quick, easy connection to Berlin, or Paris. The first Commission President, Walter hallstein, was tied up in the 50s, 60s closely with Bonn and, later, Jacques Delors had good wires to Paris.

So should make use of the Leyen their good wires to Berlin for the Chancellor extensively?

it’s not that simple. We are in the final stages of the chancellorship of Angela Merkel. Who will determine Germany’s European policy in the next five years, nobody knows.

she is the first woman on this Post – historic step, or just a footnote?

It is an overdue Signal. Until the women got at the European level, top-offices, it took a very long time. Particularly, the EU Commission was backward, in 1989, two women moved in there for the first time – the Greek Vasso Papandreou and the Frenchwoman Christiane Scrivener. That it has taken so long is due to the complicated selection process of the countries. Women played a long time role.

What needs to be able to head a Commission, in order to be successful?

of Course he should be familiar with Europe and understand how the complex institutional and political questions are linked. Mrs von der Leyen is as well positioned, because she has worked as a Minister of defence with the security policy. I also think that soft skills are important. You must have an intercultural sensitivity, in the situation of the international Partner’s place. You must be able to listen to and requires reliable networks to be able to his political ideas closely to the vote. The Commission may propose, and must then try to find a consensus. You can never act against the member States.