A dog owner in Virginia, USA, loved your dog seems to be very. To mean not only animal rights activists: The deceased woman left her dog Emma to sleep, so they could be buried with her. And, although the Shih-Tzu-Mix should be completely healthy have been. So it got settled the owner in your estate. On the controversial action by the US channel NBC and the British newspaper “The Guardian reported, among other things,”.

Thus, the four beinerin was taken at the beginning of March in a shelter after the owner had died. There you have tried to convince the executor of the will, the dog lady lull: In the case of Emma, it had been a dog, “for we easily a home have found,” – quoted by NBC, the Director of the shelter.

process in Virginia (USA) forbidden actually,

their efforts, however, were in vain: Two weeks later, Emma had been in a local veterinary practice brought in picked up to be put to sleep. Then she had been to a crematorium and cremated brought. The urn was handed over to a representative of the estate. As the Guardian reported, apply to animals in Virginia as personal property – veterinarians it is in such cases allowed euthanasia to.

If Emma was buried with its owner is not known. As several U.S. media unanimously reported that it is illegal in Virginia to bury the animal remains with human Remains in the same cemetery plot. However, there are a few exceptions: for example, if it is a private cemetery that belongs to the example of a family. The matter is therefore not only morally , but also legally a question. Clarification may bring a new law, currently going thought.

sources: NBC, “The Guardian”