A gold toilet was stolen from British museum
A gold toilet was stolen from British museum

From the UK museum, the thief took a pure gold-made toilet, eighteen karat gold, the unique commode price was $5 million, which was made by Italian artists.

According to the foreign Mercury Agency, the British bullion was placed during the art exhibition in the Ham Palace, 18 of the golden Gold toilet thieves took the gang, police detained a 66-year-old man in his suspicion of theft.

A man has been arrested by Oxford counties, the exhibition was put on Thursday in which gold was placed in a toilet, police said.

According to reports, the suspects entered the palace at about 4:50 minutes in the night and escaped to the toilet, no one was injured during the theft.

The piece of art that has been stolen was a precious toilet made of gold, which was for an exhibition in the palace, says Inspector Jess.

According to the inspector, the group involved in the theft incident used two cars for the incident.

“The stolen gold toilet has not yet been recovered, but investigations have been initiated to arrest the suspects,” we will search for the toilet and bring the suspects to the law, he said.

The exhibit at Ben Ham Palace has been closed on Saturday morning after the theft incident.