Leonora comes with the little daughter Habiba on the Arm to the Interview. The star, the 19-year-old third wife of Martin Lemke in a prison camp in the North-East of Syria. The one and a half year old Habiba cries. “You have to go home, to Germany,” says Leonora. “In Germany there is not a tooth gel, here.” What you missed in the Caliphate the most? “German Food. McDonald’s potato dumplings. Properly Eastern house cuisine. And of course, my parents.”

Two women from Martin Lemke live in today in the camp, al-Hol. And his six children. However, as the star learned exclusively: Two sons, Martin Lemke, three years and one year old, life without parents in the camp. Lemke has pass after the death of his first wife, the Frenchwoman Julie Maninchedda, on the escape of a strange family. And don’t know where you are.


German IS-fighters

“I’ve never cut off a human head”

Lemke said the star in an Interview in prison, that life in Raqqa at the beginning was “good”. His three women, he brought in three apartments in the city: “You have to give the woman her rights. This means: I sleep a night with this woman, a night with this woman, a night with this woman. And the woman wants to make themselves beautiful. And if she is in front of the other woman, the other woman might jealousy.” All three women were pregnant, many times. But then the bombing of the Anti-began-IS coalition. The family had to flee.

Martin Lemke to violence tells have been working

And, unlike Lemke in the Interview, was the family life-anything other than harmonious. His wife, Julie, called from Syria disbanded with their parents in France, Lemke would beat them. In the star Interview, Leonora, and the two “zofften third wife Lemke’s from Sanger Hausen, near Leipzig, that constantly confirms”. Martin Lemke hit a Pregnant woman? “Yes, it can be,” says Leonora. Against them he had become, but never violent.


The 19-year-old Leonora is the third wife of Martin Lemke

©Alice Martins

Lemke’s wife, Julie dies in a bomb attack, son Dschaffar, nine months old, is seriously injured. Lemke reports the wounded Baby along with the three-year-old brother, Shakir a foreign Uzbek-Syrian family. “Baby” he calls it. And loses contact. “I was 18, I had four children. And I was pregnant. I haven’t managed to. And then the hunger period started in the IS,” said Leonora to the question of why the family was giving away the boy.

read the new star is appearing on Thursday, as the grandparents of the young in France and Germany, and the custody fight. And what Martin Lemke in Germany – should he return.

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