of The 23. June 2016 will go down as a black day in the history of Europe. So much is already clear. The British people voted by a narrow majority for “Leave”. 51.9 per cent of the voters wanted to get out of the EU, which had been prescribed to you for so long – so the consensus of the most – too much. Almost three years later, has improved in the country. On The Contrary.

The nation is divided as never before, the policy does not find a way to the Brexit with decency and good agreements. The victims will be in a few years, especially the British themselves. But just as the many Europeans who call for decades on the island of life and work that have built up there lives and the country their home.


Lived for 24 years in the UK, now he is fled before the Brexit: Ralf show man

©Joseph Emonts-Pohl

as Ralf man who was in front of a good 24 years, to Cambridge, because he had to get a Job in an advertising Agency offered to Show. A few years later, the Illustrator and graphic designer then went to London. According to the 23. June it was time for him: Nothing as way. Now he is back in Germany and looks back in an interview with the star.

Mr. show man, what made Britain and in Particular London before 2016 for you?

the first was this mixture of Old and high-tech synchronized. In Cambridge we saw in the morning on the market square, with horse-carts, at the same time, in 1994, had already almost everyone has a mobile phone. Completely crazy. The same image in London: As it has for a Soho, and as a contrast the City with the high buildings. This is fascinating. And, of course, the English themselves were. This Quiet, Calm, Pragmatic.

destiny day was the 23. June, 2016. The Referendum has changed everything. How have you experienced the day?

at first, I thought all would be well. The first results came in (including Gibraltar), were all pro EU. The next Morning, then the shock. I had a panic: I Need to get me now in a few years a work permit? And a visa?

What changes did you notice first?

It quickly became clear what it was about: Namely, the rejection of foreigners. After the Referendum were attacked in London-Polish shops. Since discs were taken. The Absurd: As a German, a Frenchman, an Italian, was as a “good foreigner”. I’ve often heard: “We don’t believe you.” It is mainly against the poles, Bulgarians and Romanians.

But still, you’re going to be in London by the Pubs and you see that Every Second not want you to be here. Now you should see that you are talking about in the street in London better only in English and not in his own language. This could be dangerous.

Because many now see a legitimacy for their racist views?

Exactly. And funded by the government. Theresa May has us Europeans insulted in the first speech at the party Congress in 2016, as “Citizens of Nowhere”. And recently, she said, the Europeans should be no “Queue jumpers”. Which is to say: We should not be preferred. Want to have no more foreigners in the country. No matter from where.


UK outlet chaos

Brexit-theatre: “Confusing storyline, lousy directing. Westminster do not trust earns more”


you have left the UK and moved back to Germany. When have you got the idea for the first Time?

The came in basically right after the Referendum. It has built in 2016 and 2017, I started my probe back to Germany to extend. The main reason is the mood in the country was. Every day, we read bad news in the press. And the government nothing, what hope power comes in. I see in England.

How have you struggled with the decision to go?

England was my home, because it is at odds, of course. I had a house in the vicinity of London, have always felt comfortable.

What did you think of the current political Situation?

basically, it is as expected: total Chaos.

do not Understand the English that you are at 29.3. out to be without a Deal?

I’ve been wondering for over a year: Check the actually anything at all? Until now, Jeremy Corbyn (Labour party Chairman, note thinks. d. Red.) still, he could negotiate with the EU a new Deal. And May has now announced one more time to negotiate. Utter Rubbish. There’s nothing to negotiate.

UK outlet chaos

After a terrible Brexit-week starts this week: terrible

By Michael Streck

How your British friends to assess the developments?

My circle of friends consists mainly of artists, who are of course horrified, all of them completely. Especially the musicians of the future. Perhaps you need a tour Visa for all the countries in which they play.

Who are the largest Brexit-the polluter?

in My opinion, the British Tabloid press has a large share of the debacle. Boris Johnson (the former foreign Minister, Anm. d. Red.) worked for many years as a Journalist in Brussels. He had a regular column in the “Telegraph”. Since he was able to distribute the permanent lie about the EU. Lamps on the curvature of bananas, or energy-saving. The “Daily Mail”, the “Daily Express” and the “Sun” of Rupert Murdoch – they’re shooting for 30 years against the EU. With all the lies, there is only. The British have been brainwashed. For models such as the Johnson and Nigel Farage (a founding member of the ‘UK Independence Party’ UKIP remarks. d. Red.) it was ultimately simple.

Why are so many of Farage and co. have believed that?

I wish I could answer the question. Common sense says Yes, actually, that’s complete nonsense. But specifically the North of England is relatively poor and is neglected by the government a long time ago. There’s a lot of disillusioned people. That depends, of course, all of this together.

do you Believe in a second Referendum?

Corbyn had now stated, he would possibly agree to a second Referendum. The is constantly on the rum eggs. But it probably would be the same as the first.

“, which belongs to my wife!”

politicians will be criticized for Anti-Brexit-stickers and defends himself like a Gentleman

Corbyn has many disappointed.

I was a Labour member, as the “Daily Mail” at that time, Ed Milliband has addressed. And I voted even for Corbyn, as he said, the Only one of the candidates something Sensible. But the feeling dissolved quickly in. It is becoming more and more clear that Corbyn has remained in the seventies, stuck. When it became clear that Labour supports the Brexit, I’m kicking out.

You will hear in conversations with stakeholders and Europeans, in the meantime, more and more often the attitude: “let them out, as without a Deal”. It is almost reminiscent of revenge of the Forsaken. But Hand on heart: As you can see, it’s really?

seriously. That would be horrible. Absolutely terrible. And it would take the island first, at the most, because there’s nothing more left. But even for Europe it would have disastrous consequences. Medicine projects, space projects, transnational projects will hardly be possible. To be out of the EU, is also to be made of all projects and promotions out.

if there Was a scenario in which you would go back?

to be Honest, no. I feel me here very well. I see the EU is also not 100 percent positive. There are things, which you would have to work. But this constant EU-Bashing is bullshit. The EU is at the moment simply the Best of what we have. Go out there, that would be just nonsense and a throwback to the 30s and 40s. The can wish for none.