In the case of the apparently racially motivated attack in Texas El Paso with 22 dead, a German citizen has been killed. A spokeswoman for the foreign office confirmed early Tuesday morning, and the details of the El Paso police chief Greg Allen. It remained initially unclear whether it was a living in the USA, German or tourists. According to the police, also several Mexicans were among the Victims of the attack in the border town. Mayor Dee Margo explained, US President, Donald Trump have offered the help of the Federal authorities, and will visit El Paso on Wednesday.

In the United States, the call for stricter gun laws – and the criticism of Trump grew up under his again. The Republican President had called on Monday morning via Twitter, stricter Checks for gun owners, hours later, he seemed to distance themselves from. The show that the President remain a “prisoner of the weapons lobby,”” said the leading Democrats in a statement. They have been trying for months, stricter background checks in Congress prevail, but the Republicans are blocking the project.

fear and mistrust

Why the Survivors of the El Paso-attack, not to the hospital trust

Trump wants to mass murder with the death punish

Trump condemned the devastating atrocities of this weekend in El Paso and Dayton, where a gunman killed nine people, as barbaric. He called for changes in the law, to ensure that the mentally Ill who pose a danger to the Public, can not come in possession of weapons. “Diseases of the mind and hatred to pull the trigger, not the gun,” said Trump. He also wants to bring a legislative initiative that would provide for the death penalty in hate crimes in the Form of mass murder.

With a view to the apparently racially-motivated crime in El Paso, prominent Democrats, Trump levels criticized with his own rhetoric the way for hate crimes like that. Trump has made halting illegal immigration across the Mexican-U.S. border is a key point of his presidency. For some time critics accuse him of with his aggressive rhetoric, especially against political opponents – to fuel racism in the country.


Democrats Trumps rhetoric to give complicity in a hate crime: “Driving white supremacy”

By Steven Montero Obama condemned the language of fear and hate

the former US-President Barack Obama condemned a of some politicians used the language of fear and hatred – he called his successor by name. Obama said: “We must reject a language thoroughly, which comes from the mouths of our leaders and a climate of fear and hatred, or racial prejudice to normal.”

The alleged perpetrator of El Paso – a 21-year-old White – had surrendered to the police and is in custody. The investigators expect from a racist Background. The subject of the 24-year-old offender in Dayton, shot and killed his own sister, remained unclear. He had up to 250 rounds of ammunition, was taken after about 30 seconds of police officers under fire, and then killed.

Since the beginning of the year, there has been, according to statistics from the organization Gun Violence Archive in the United States, more than 250 so-called “Mass Shootings”, that is, cases in which at least four people injured by firearms violence, or were killed. That is more than one such case per day.

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US Opposition, Trump is complicity in the massacres of El Paso and Dayton


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21-Year-old to shoot 20 people

After the massacre in El Paso – police investigating hate crime


El Paso, Texas

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