A General strike against the Separatists to trial before the Supreme court in Madrid has placed parts of Catalonia lame.

In clashes between protesters and the police were more than 20 people injured. However, the participation in the strike was lower than the had hoped organizers, reported the newspaper “El País”. Had the protests under the slogan “Without rights there is no freedom” called on the trade Union Federation CSC.

the CSC has been Supported by the separatist regional government. The great Catalan trade unions do not support the strike but. In particular, many students gathered according to Spanish media, the all-day protest actions.

early in The evening went to Barcelona once again, tens of thousands of people on the street, to their displeasure with the court procedure. In the morning, authorities had reported already to 13,000 protesters in the vicinity of the University of the Catalan capital under the slogan “This is not a process but a shame” gathered. Already last weekend, there were in the metropolis of a large-scale demonstrations with hundreds of thousands of participants.

Since the 12. February must answer twelve prominent separatist leaders before the court, including former Ministers and activists, who had played with the forbidden independence referendum in October 2017 Central roles. The public Prosecutor’s office accuses them, among other things, Rebellion. The defendant many years in prison sentences. The former regional President Carles Puigdemont is not before the court, he had fled into exile in Belgium.

Repeatedly blocked protesters to streets in different Parts of Catalonia. The police moved in. Four strikers were arrested, reported Spanish media.

Of the recusal, especially buses and trams, as well as hospitals and pharmacies were affected. The public long – Distance and local delivery, but as required by law, with minimum operation. In Barcelona, around 50 per cent of public transport during the rush in regional trains only a third went according to plan.