The Gangster Boss Clauvino da Silva from Brazil made headlines around the world. Not because of his crimes, but because of its attempt to Escape. Da Silva tried to flee disguised as his own daughter, who had visited him on the day, out of the prison. He wore tight Jeans, a pink T-Shirt and a silicone mask and wig. However, the attempt failed, the guards were suspicious, and caught him in front of the prison gates. The attempt to break the 42-Year-old went around the world. Against da Silva’s daughter and eight other persons, investigations were initiated.

Only a few days after his attempt to escape from custody, is Clauvino been found Silva dead in his cell in the prison of Bangu. He had hanged himself, apparently, as the news agencies AP and Reuters, citing authorities from Rio de Janeiro reports. “The occupant appears to have a bed sheet hung”, the prison authority of the city of Rio. An investigation into the death was initiated.


52 Dead after a prisoner revolt – several victims beheaded

DPA in 2013 from prison, fled

Da Silva, also known as “Baixinho” (the Little one) was as a gang leader in drug trafficking. He should belong to a powerful crime syndicate Comando Vermelho (Red command) was a 73-year-long prison sentence for drug trafficking. According to the prison administration, in his latest attempt to escape was in direct connection with an action against the leadership of the Comando Vermelho.

The criminal had already escaped once from prison, in the year 2013. At the time, he sat down together with 30 other prisoners also during the visiting hours through a Tunnel and sewers. He was later arrested.

Brazil has severe problems with its prison system. Many prisons are overcrowded and there is violence. Last week, 57 prisoners were killed in an outbreak of violence in a prison in the state of Para, many of them were beheaded, according to media reports. In may, 50 inmates died in the German Federal state of Amazonas, under similar circumstances. According to Reuters, there is 750,000, the number of prisoners in the prisons, an eight-fold increase in the last thirty years. Gangs in the prisons exert tremendous Power over the prison walls.

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sources: news agencies AP, Reuters, DPA, The Guardian, BBC

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