The Director of communications and Deputy chief of staff in the White house, Bill Shine, is stepping down after eight months in office. The Ex-Manager of the news channel Fox News will, in the future, working as a senior consultant for the campaign team of U.S. President Donald Trump, the spokeswoman for the White house, Sarah Sanders, on Friday.

The former Co-Director of the very Trump-friendly TV channel Fox News, said that his work for the President in the White house had been “the most rewarding experience of his entire life”. The President in turn praised Shine for his “outstanding work”. He is looking forward to working with this Team for the presidential campaign in 2020 to cooperate.

Criminal environment

His Ex-Familiar disappearing more and more in jail – what is the for Trump

Shines resignation comes in a Phase in which the close relationship of the President to Fox News is under intense scrutiny means. The magazine “the New Yorker” had recently reported in a detailed article on the links between the President and Fox News, among other things, that the broadcaster had held during the election campaign of 2016, an investigative story about the alleged sexual adventures Trumps with the porn actress Stormy Daniels under lock and key. A reporter discovered the alleged escapade didn’t want to come to light, because the channel owner Rupert Murdoch had desired the victory of the Immobilienmoguls. The opposition Democrats saw the “New Yorker”report led to Fox News, none of the debates between their candidates for the presidential nomination fight.

the Fifth communications chief in two years,

Shine was engaged in the channel in August 2016 to the Post of Co-Director, after former Director Roger Ailes had resigned because of allegations of sexual harassment. Shine was then later under the pressure and resigned in may 2017 from his top post at the transmitter. He had been accused of sexual Assault in the case of Fox News veiled.

In July of 2018, Shine joined the staff of the White house. On the Post of communication Director, it wear under Trump, however, an extreme Staff. Shine was in Trumps a little more than two years in office, the fifth Person on this Post. Also otherwise the staff merry-go-round in Trumps government in an unprecedented pace. Alone since last autumn, the Disposals of Minister Jim Mattis (defense), Ryan Zinke (Indoor) and Jeff Sessions (judiciary) were recorded. Also, chief of staff, John Kelly, and the Ambassador to the UN, and Nikki Haley, were eliminated in the past few months.

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