Donald Trump, I never noticed the time of his life not necessarily as a model Christian. In the USA, very many people, however, are strictly a believer and so Trump was looking for already in the election campaign, the close proximity to Christian preachers. Since his election to the 45. President, he is shown with a particularly fanatical representatives of this Guild. So he prayed 2017, for example, with the Evangelical Pastor Robert Jeffress in the Oval Office. The thanked God for “the gift of Donald Trump”, because this would heal the Land. In fundamentalist Christian circles Trump is if his ultra-conservative positions are very popular and this popularity has manifested itself in a gold-colored prayer coin, advertised by a shady TV preacher (where you can argue about whether this is a tautology).

the $ 45 to the cost of the coin, the Material will not be further explained. In the Pack with some books and DVDs (Yes, not Blu-rays) you have to shell out a whopping $ 450. Is advertised is the product of the TV Evangelicals, Lance Wallnau, and Jim Bakker. The latter is one of the pioneers in the field of television preaching, but at the end of the 80s, due to misappropriation of funds four years in prison. After a few years away from the screens he returned in the beginning of the Millennium, back to the television and moderated, in the meantime, the “Jim Bakker Show”. There Wallnau appeared and was allowed to explain why he sold this coin, or better: Why people should buy them.

TV-preacher: God had the idea for the coin

“As I asked the Lord ‘Why is this coin?’, the Lord said: ‘If you take this coin, it is a point of contact'”. So you could combine his Faith with “millions of believers” and together for “protection, peace, wisdom, and advice to the President of the United States,” pray. You should, with a view to the coin kept in mind: “God has put something in your Hand, in which you play a role”.

Combative First Lady

How to Melania Trump in Florida with a prayer delighted

On the coin, also a picture of Cyrus II. depicted, as well as a Bible verse in which the Persian king is mentioned is in addition to Donald Trump. In the fundamentalist Christian circles, especially in the case of the Evangelicals, is the Thesis to be very popular that Donald Trump-a sort of rebirth of the biblical king, as the “New York Times” said in December. This had lived roughly 600 years before Christ, and according to the Bible, the first ruler of Persia, a large group of Jews from Babylon freed. The coin pictured Verse Isaiah 45:1 celebrates him for it.

Cyrus is deemed to be a non-believer was chosen by God, the will of the believers to implement. This is also Donald Trump, claiming people like a TV preacher Wallnau. He even has a book with the title “Cyrus Trump” (engl. “Cyrus Trump”) written about it – included in the 450 Dollar package velvet coin. In it, he claims, Trumps the ascent had been prophesied in the Bible. A sign should be, for example, that the Cyrus-Verse 45. and Trump the 45. President of the United States.

“that’s Why we need to pray”, is promoting the man in the “Jim Bakker Show” with his product. “Because they think we are Crazy, we are actually the sane.”

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