Kiel (dpa) – an Unusual guest in the Kiel fjord: Already since several weeks, a Dolphin appears again and again near the Schwentine river mouth. The animal is behaving a bit flashy, said a spokesman for the water police of the German press Agency. “It always swims in a circle.”

from The water, a kayak-the driver watched on Tuesday afternoon, the Dolphin. “I have the feeling that he is becoming more and more familiar,” said the man.

Already, three years ago, a Dolphin was taken care of in the Kiel fjord, for a sensation and onlookers attracted. Because of the Curious were gone in a lock area, close to the North sea-Baltic canal to swim to get to the animal particularly close, had to Express the water protection police at the time, a warning. The Baden close to locks is prohibited.

Later, a sea set, a biologist, is the Thesis that the Dolphin was probably for the death of harbour Porpoises in front of Kiel is responsible. According to the water protection police, there is currently no number of Totfunden.