justice will premiere in Latin America: for the First time a dog has participated as victims in a process. Campeon (the Champion) was in Atenas in Costa Rica in the courtroom, as in the case of its alleged ill-action was negotiated by its former owner. The consultation was launched on Monday and will be continued on Friday.

Campeon model behaved; the judge had input made it clear that he would tolerate no interference. Apart from a slight Yawn, the dog showed more emotion.

Costa Rica

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In the case of allegations from the year 2017. The Ex-owner should be exposed to the dog that used to be called Tyson, at the age of six months. The animal had to be fed have been. A cord around his neck, with which he had been firmly bound, have deeply cut into the flesh of his neck in. Since then, he may not have a leash with a collar, but will not tolerate a harness.

The brother of the former owner alerted the animal protection Association of Atenas, as its Chairman, Dora Castro, testified. Campeon was liberated and a veterinarian nursed him back to health.

The Costa Rican law provides for strict penalties for cruelty to animals: up to three years imprisonment for maltreatment resulting in death, up to two years for cruel treatment and up to 50 days for less serious abuse.

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