“The Internet can do much Good,” said Bryan Schroder, state’s attorney of the U.S. state of Alaska, before a court. “But it can also be a very dark place.”

This case shows that It can also be a place to be a criminal energy that has fatal consequences. A pitch-black abyss.

last Tuesday, two Teenagers were sitting on the dock. Only one of them is according to the laws of the United States in the first full year. Nevertheless, a life in prison threatens two.

The allegation: murder. Among other things.

Denali B., 18, and Kayden M., 16, to have Cynthia H., 19, killed. The court documents also CNN and news Agency AFP reported. Her alleged motive: Nine million dollars (eight million euros), which should have a 21-Year-old for the shocking fact offered.

The wrong millionaire

As is clear from the court documents, learned the 18-year-old Denali B. on the Internet, the 21-year-old in it p. to know. This was issued under a false name as a millionaire. Both should have been making plans to rape someone in Alaska, and to murder. Finally, the offer of in S., the wrong millionaire: nine millions of dollars, the deed, and to send him photos or Videos.

The “best friend”

Denali, which should execute the order, had to be closed, according to the court documents, a victim is selected from: Cynthia H., 19. They had, according to her father, the mental development of a twelve-year-old and looked at as their “best friend”.

The execution of the job

At the 2. June, under the pretext of a joint hike, was lured the victim to a Hiking path to the North-East of the city of Anchorage (Alaska). There, the 19-Year-old had been tied up with duct tape, hands and feet, head and mouth.

Then she had been in the back with a shot to the head killed. Her body was thrown in a river. Two days later, on 4. June, it was discovered her lifeless body on the river Bank.

The court documents, the 16 is supposed to have shot-year-old Kayden M. with the weapon of the 18-year-old Denali b. This sent during the fact, the 21-year-old Client, in p. via the Online service Snapchat, photos and Videos.

The warning

Denali B., 18, Kayden M., 16, In the S., 21, as well as three additional Suspects who were involved in the act, accused in return for a “significant” amount of money were fixed, and last week.

On Tuesday, the Denali B. and S. were accused, moreover, because of child pornography allegations. On the phone, the 18-Year-olds were found, according to police Videos, where you are in need of a 15-Year-old miss. In it. s., the false millionaire and the Client, admitted to the court documents, according to B. after the murder, being blackmailed and forced to are in need of young girl miss.

reported, such As CNN, threatens them with a sentence: The 18-Year-old could be sentenced to a total of 80 years in prison, should substantiate all the Alleged crimes. The 21-Year-old, the minimum prison sentence of ten years up to a life-long imprisonment accordingly. The threat of a penalty for the 16-year-old Kayden m. nothing is known so far.

in the face of shocking If the state’s attorney Bryan Schroder warned of the dangers of the Internet. And called on parents to caution: “parents should pay attention to the activities of your children on the net.”

The Internet can also be a very dark place.

sources: CNN, State of Alaska (court documents), news Agency AFP