if You would like to have seen the face of Friedrich Merz, in that Moment, in which he has to learn that Angela Merkel will not bring him, but Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer as a new defence Minister in your Cabinet. It was the last to actually vote in the CDU, which had brought Merz into the game, so that the latent is in front of swirling fight for Merkel successor in the Chancellery could go again in an open race.

in the Past. With a Mini-castling Merkel has now Merz’ ambitions fall like a Souflé. Shortly before the political operation breaks up in the summer holidays, is managed by the Chancellor to a Coup of the Republic has allegedly for a long something. AKK as IBuK (the owner of the command and the command of God) – this was the closest step ever so close, until yesterday, no one in the political-journalistic complex in Berlin would come out. In these days in which the moon landing anniversary, offers the analogy: It was a small step for Merkel, but a big leap for AKK the direction of the Chancellery.


Angela Merkel is preparing Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer with the Job as defence Minister a larger stage

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It is also a u turn, performed in great Need, because of and for AKK previously thought-out Route to the Chancellery, however, extremely bumpy and has proved to be just as riddled with potholes.


New defense Minister: AKK goes fully into the risk


The last unhappy active citizen of Saarland, which had recently excluded a state office because there is in the party too much to do with the Ministerial office in the Berlin bendler block, now a new stage production. AKK, that’s for sure, you can collect travel and experience abroad, you will have your performances with the Great ones of this world, in front of Uniformed, in the Hindu Kush, and Mali. You will not be the Ruferin from the province. It is right in the middle. On Wednesdays, when the Cabinet meets, you will see how you are greeted, smiling to their colleagues. And on the government bench in the Bundestag, it has its place. And if you don’t do completely stupid, then snap shut in the few remaining months of the Grand coalition of all the Traps that keeps the Department of defense for his Boss, and generally ready. Not so fast. AKK, also sure, will not have long to stay. One way or the other.

The are outlined, briefly, the criteria in Berlin for Merkel’s personnel decision: the only counting monetary means makes the acquisition or maintenance of power. Merkel, who has birthday today, has gifted the Kingdom. Can be that actually comes with the Installation of your favorite. Politics is sometimes like that. It is a window on. Merkel has taken advantage of the Situation. To put it in the boxer, language: The Chancellor, who had a last hit but very, managed a lucky punch.

interests of the German armed forces have no role to play

It throws a spotlight on the decision that the interests of the German armed forces may have played in the reshuffle at the top is only a very minor role. Or – no. AKK is not become as a defense expert in striking. Since there would have been other, more competent formations. The had earned by Ursula von der Leyen, in a moderate Form of left behind force would, however, have someone who understands the Job at the top only as a springboard for your career. Also (at least for the time being) over. Until the ACC has been incorporated properly, it will be back the way it lost years for the in the middle of the process of reform dividend Bundeswehr to be. And the in times in which international conflicts are more numerous.

Angela Merkel can be so strange as this may sound, no matter. The replacement of the defense Ministry follows its own logic. The Merkel-Logic. It is, so much can be predicted, the last major personnel decision of your tenure. It is a Coup.

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