“believe no Matter what they are… we wish you a peaceful time and a good Start into the new year,” reads a map of the CDU-politician Annette Widmann-Mauz, the state Minister in German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). For Widmann-owl reaping a lot of criticism. Because the straight sent card is a Christmas card without the word “Christmas”.

Especially on some of that Widmann-Mauz with other religious luck wish had no problems: At the start of the Jewish light festival of Hanukkah, she wrote on Twitter: “Hanukkah Sameach! I wish all Jews a happy and blessed Hanukkah”. And the Islamic Ramadan, she tweeted: “I wish all Muslims in Germany on the occasion of Ramadan a blessed and peaceful lent.”

Sevim Dagdelen, migration expert and Vice-Chairman of the Left in the Bundestag, criticized in the “picture”: “It is unfortunate that a misunderstood tolerance would appear that Christmas, the Feast of love, is invisible.”

Widmann-Mauz listened to criticism from all sides,

The psychologists, authors, and Islam-experts, Ahmad Mansour is quoted by “image” with the words: “Self-confident is different! Of course, you have to be able to Christians are to be congratulated, especially as a politician and as a Commissioner for integration and migration!”


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Even from his own party, there is criticism. Sylvia Pantel (CDU), a member of the family Committee of the Bundestag, said: “the one Who was sent as a member of the government in the holiday season a greeting card with the words ‘no Matter what you believe, must ask, for what values he stands for and what is the meaning of the card.” CDU-interior expert Marc Henrich man said: “not only, who hides his own values, but they are convinced it represents.”

A photo of the card on the Widmann-Mauz and her Team, posted the politician on Tuesday evening, even on Twitter and Facebook. You wrote: “Merry Christmas to all in Germany!” On Sunday, she had posted on Facebook: “I wish you a beautiful 3. Advent!”