A garbage truck veers to the right and hit a boy with his bike on the road: The accidental death of seven-year-old in Cologne triggered a year ago, nationwide consternation. Also, during his trial for negligent homicide against the driver car in front of the Cologne local court, the mood is depressed. It was a tragic accident, “that goes for all of us here,” says the judge on Wednesday. The defender speaks of a “moment of failure” of his client: The 38-Year-old, himself a father of two children, have not seen the boy.

No further penalty for garbage driver

car, According to the indictment, the garbage truck driver would have been able to see him but if he had looked at the crucial Moment in his side-view mirror. Because that’s where the Boy had been prior to the collision for 3.5 seconds visible.

But the Prosecutor agrees that the case against the accused is set. Shortly after starting the process, the court, Prosecutor and defense agree on a setting under the condition that the defendant pays a monthly salary of 2000 Euro to a children’s hospice. He shall be deemed not to have a criminal record. Also, the co-plaintiff lawyer representing the parents of the boy, is the right call and has no objections.

All are agreed that a further punishment of the defendant, since the accident, unable to work, and in psychological treatment, is required. The witnesses and the appraisers need to court not to testify.

The Cologne-based accident is not an isolated case

is The Cologne accident is not an isolated case. Always happen when turning off of trucks heavy consequences of collisions with cyclists. Alone in North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of the interior, came 2018, according to the Country of eleven cyclists in such accidents. Nationwide, there were according to statistics compiled by the Bicycle club ADFC 34.

accident in Cologne

The Turn: seven years of a garbage truck rolled over and

experts killed have been asking for a long time the installation of the Turn wizard, the Truck driver to warn when a cyclist is next to your vehicle. “Almost all accidents of this type could be prevented or at least its Severity significantly reduced,” says Siegfried Brockmann, head of accident research of the insurers (UDV).

the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) calls for the mandatory installation of assistance systems in the Truck can arrange, but at the national level. Up to an EU-wide regime for a few more years.

“local authorities must set a good example”

Until then, the ADFC, in addition to manufacturers and trucking companies, municipalities and countries have a duty to their fleet voluntarily with warning systems. “Local authorities must set a good example and garbage and street-cleaning vehicles as quickly as possible with these systems and retrofitting”, the ADFC.

Individual municipalities have upgraded their fleet will be technically or plan to do so. The Cologne-based waste management businesses (AWB) want to venture out of their nearly 200 garbage by the end of this year, with all-Round camera systems equip. Costs: Approximately EUR 500,000. The city of Dortmund has recently decided to retrofit 56 Truck turn-by – Turn wizard for 210,000 Euro.

The high retrofit costs for many already struggling communities is a major hurdle, says the German Association of towns and municipalities (DStGB). The “support programme, Cornering assistance System” of the Federal government, while helpful, however, for 2019 provided five million euros are allocated a long time ago. Therefore, the amount should be increased, the DStGB. The North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of transport considers an increase in “appropriate”. Scheuer wants to continue the funding program, according to a spokeswoman.

Whether a Cornering wizard wagons, the terrible waste accident in Cologne would have been able to prevent, was not discussed in the process. It would probably be a theoretical discussion. The parents of the victim have to live without her son.

Petra Albers / fs / DPA