In the case of an alleged failure of child abduction in Velbert, 21, has confessed to-Year-old to have the boy in his car taken away. “The man is clearly identified,” said a police spokesman on Monday in Mettmann. After an accident with the car, the driver had let the boy run.

The police investigate “high-pressure”, due to deprivation of freedom against the police, well-known German. “We have at the moment, but there is no legal possibility to arrest him. We need witnesses for the alleged further incidents of this kind.” in the past, have reported, but no one of the numerous people who have reported on the Internet from the Response of other children, as a witness.

indicates What is the reason for the man to Take the boy, did not want to disclose the police investigation tactical reasons. A workshop owner who also arranges car rental, had given the note to the 21-Year-old.


child is killed while Playing 500-pound bales of Straw

the 21-Year-old, first as witnesses, then the accused is asked

He had reported to the police that a man had rented on the description of the ten-year-old boy true black small cars during the period in question. Actually discovered, investigators in the car accident traces, the fit to Happen.

The 21-Year-old had first been questioned as a witness, as a suspect. 22. February, he should have a ten-year-old boy on the way to school and in his car curled addressed. He’ll bring him to school. In fact, he was bent with his car from the school and in the thinner populated Wodantal hazards.

As he came off the road in his car in a curve of the road and into an embankment slipped, he let the boy run. The police considers the statements of the young to be credible. At the said location corresponding accident traces were found.

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