During an investigation Committee of the Bundestag, has just begun to investigate dubious contracts with Consultants in the Ministry of defence has released the Grand coalition, most recently, in the stillness of a new two-digit million sums for consultants. Because no matter how the affair turns out, the Bundeswehr will have to pay according to the will of the Secretary of defense Ursula of the Leyen (CDU), also in the future, a lot of money to firms like KPMG and Ernst & Young (E&Y).

And not only for specialized professionals in Digital. On the contrary, The helper from the private sector are paid according to the documents, available to the star, also, that they help in the “preparation and conduct of meetings”. Or in the case of the Moderation of such discussions. Or in the case of the “implementation” of travel.

Bundeswehr stuffs with consultants, staff, gaps

This is certainly the case for the von der Leyen, under the authority of the bulky abbreviation BAAINBw, the Federal office for equipment, information technology, and usage. With headquarters in Koblenz, the Central procurement body of the armed forces. What always needs the force of the medical equipment up to tanks and frigates – but without templates from Koblenz. But while von der Leyen has managed to secure from year to year, larger defense budgets, missing you now, the people, the money is properly spend.


Committee of inquiry into the consultant affair in the Ministry of defence decided


Because in the BAAINBw every fifth of 6425 posts vacant – and the trend recently, even falling slightly. Were supplied in August 2018 80,72 percent of the Items were there in November 2018, according to confidential papers from the Ministry of defence only 80,59 percent – and this in spite of the strenuous efforts made to attract more staff. One of the causes of a hiring freeze for civilian employees that was at the BAAINBw ten years of the Leyens predecessors. A spokesperson for the Ministry announced “a serious mortgage”. It is, to this day – but now, the office also suffers from the shortage of skilled workers in technical Occupations.

“Because you have separated in the past from people who have taken their Know-How,” complains the FDP-defense politician, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann. “This is the heritage of a year-long Hiring freeze and a failed personnel policy”, says the Left party Deputy Matthias Höhn: “I do not see that the Ministry wants to solve this Problem in the foreseeable future.”

More million payments

approved Where there is no short-term solution, von der Leyen, on the stopgap: Expensive external consultants. At the end of February the budget Committee genemigte with the votes of the CDU/CSU and the SPD further million payments made via a framework agreement with the consulting firms KPMG, Ernst & Young, as well as the two companies P3 Group and ESG. Since March of 2017 three year agreement runs. KPMG, Ernst & Young and other companies share the work, in turn, in part, to sub-contractors such as Accenture, PWC and IBM. It is enough money for everyone, because the total volume of the contract is after the most recent Stand 84.3 million euros. Up to 40 million of them must flow from March, 2019 “in the budget”, – said in a draft resolution of the CDU/CSU and the SPD for the Committee on budgets by 20. February.