Chris Rolfe is a young farmer from Haywards Heath in the South of England, North of Brighton. As the 24-Year-old was one day travelling in the car, he saw by the roadside a dead vixen. Only out of the corner of his eye he noticed that the animal was apparently pregnant. And then he saw movement in her belly.

Chris found the vixen dead by the roadside

Vixey the Fox

How to get a British student, a small vixen large

By Wiebke Tomescheit

pull Apparently, the unborn Fox babies were still alive. In a panic, Rolfe was looking for in his car after a knife, then he began to as gently, to bring the puppies by emergency C-section on the world. “My instinct has guided me,” recalls the farmer later. “Otherwise, would not have died only a Fox, but the babies would have to die along with the mother. I didn’t think, but simply acted,” he told the Daily Mail. Chris Rolfe has no veterinary training, but had to perform at a lambs birth, an emergency C-section. Therefore, he knew at least roughly what to do. After all, he had four small foxes in the Arm.


Chris Rolfe, 24, with the four Fox orphans

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But now? Chris knew that a Person know what to do – his mother. “I brought her straight to my Mum and she took care of immediately – and cleaned you up and brought your blood circulation. She made sure that the Little ones were fit and active.” The four little vixen is also the name of: Ginger, Biscuit, Big Tip or Little Tip got.

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arrived As Chris with his mother, he had the baby in his jacket pockets to keep them warm. “They were still all bloody,” remembers Mrs. Rolfe. “So we picked up a damp towel and rubbelten you strong – a little bit stronger than you would think actually – so that the cycle is gaining momentum. Then, we placed them in a cardboard box that we put on the heating, in order to have it warm.”


Chris and his mother, Jean Rolfe with Ginger, Biscuit, Big Tip or Little Tip

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in the Beginning, the Fox cubs had to be fed every 20 minutes with milk, and later every two to three hours, now they are seven weeks old and have started to eat food for puppies. “It has Rolfe cost a lot of love and effort to take care of them, but, fortunately, survived all four”, so Mrs. Chris and his mother work together with a foxes specialised animal protection organization, the family, advises and directs, so that the four little balls of fur can hopefully be at the age of six months in the Wilderness released.

“a Lot of people talk about wanting to foxes as Pets,” says Mrs. Rolfe. “But even though they are lovable animals, they are wild and need the Wilderness.”

source: Daily Mail