“I don’t know” – these four words the judge listens to on last Wednesday often. Helpless, even the defendant seemed to have overwhelmed. Perhaps even stunned, as you are in front of the Lucerne criminal court was able to land. Because, as it told the 23-Year-old, according to the Online Portal “Central plus” in the courtroom: “I’ve been looking forward to the children.”

it was Only in the course of the trial, the listeners should be – if only conditionally – explore why the defendant may have killed their two children.

The 23-Year-old killed in the year 2015, almost four years ago, their newborn twins. A child brought to the world, before they killed it in the basement of their apartment, and then hidden. The other child passed away due to the first birth in the mother’s womb. Now the mother because of intentional homicide, and because homicide had to answer by omission, such as “Central plus” and “view” reports. The verdict: Three years in prison, a year in prison. A mild condemnation?

The Dilemma

at Least according to the reasoning of the state attorney, called for a prison sentence of five to 20 years. You have chosen to have disposed of the children, instead of an abortion “cheaper solution”. The plea was followed by the questioning of the accused, who tried to put into words what and why almost four years ago happened.


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insert, According to the defendant, the story goes like this, like “Central plus” and “views” reports: The child’s father, her boyfriend at the time, had to leave when he learned that she had not aborted the child. In addition, sexual contact before marriage is forbidden for their parents. “I don’t know what would have happened if I had told my parents that I’m pregnant,” quoted “Central plus” the 23-Year-old. “My father was already before pregnancy to be violent.” Nevertheless, they’ve decided to keep the children. “I was hoping that my Ex-boyfriend come back to me and we can live together,” says the defendant in front of the audience, “I’ve been looking forward to the children.” Why did they killed the children anyway?


Why, not, know you should, you have, according to the “Central plus” tears said. Much of it seems to be superseded or forgotten, apparently, also the subject. However, it is not the modus operandi. The defendant, at the time, in the seventh month of pregnancy, told how she brought alone one of the twins to the world – in the bath. “I don’t know how a birth expires. I filled the bath when it started. I don’t know how I managed that,” she is quoted by “view”. Just a Youtube Video I helped at the birth. She told how she had the umbilical cord with a thread cut. And how you hid the child, for fear of the reaction of their parents, under their clothes. She went to her mother and was worried about the basement keys, writes “sight”.

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In the basement arrived, you should have the child two Times and with great force against the wall. The child dies, the little Boy suffers multiple skull fractures and a traumatic brain injury. What have you felt? “I don’t know,” she is quoted as saying “view”. You have wrapped the dead child in a T-Shirt and a Teddy bear hidden. “I’ve done it just there. I don’t know what is the procedure in my head.”

About 30 hours later, she had brought her second child in the bathtub to the world. It is passed through the first birth in the mother’s womb. The lifeless body she had wrapped according to the “Central plus” in a cloth and under your bed hiding, according to the “view” had been found the child in a Laundry basket in the kitchen. Also, this child would still be able to live, argued the right medicine before the court, had visited the defendant after the first birth, the hospital. In court you must answer in this case, therefore, because of killing by omission.


The parents had brought them ultimately to the hospital, writes of “the view”, after the accused had lost due to the high blood loss of consciousness. There, the police had been informed, because two of the births had been detected – even if the accused had initially denied. After several interviews with the officials, you would have given the killings, writes “Central plus”. After your treatment, the accused had come for 63 days in custody, a psychiatrist would have you attested to, according to “view” a “adjustment disorder with prolonged depressive reaction”.

her defenders stressed before the court, the traumatized state of his client, and the emergency situation in which you have been at the time of the murder. “You had no direct intent”, it is quoted from “view”. He appealed, moreover, not on the “inspection error” the fall, writes “Central plus”. Meant: The fact happened from the affect, for the defendant, at the time, might logically have been – and four years later, not more.

Before the multi-hour advice to the court had told the defendant her closing words in tears: “I am so sorry. If I could, I would do everything differently.”

On Wednesday evening, the court announced his sentence: A sentence of imprisonment of three years. You must serve at least a year in prison. The rest of the months were due to the. The court had given its verdict, “Central plus” that the defendant had only taken on the day in question, and not a long time ago, the decision to kill. In addition, the fact has to be considered as an impulsive act. The verdict is still nothing final.

sources: “Central plus”, “view”

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