insults, insults, and “Fake News” for almost all Internet users in Germany to rejection. The of a representative Forsa study on behalf of the state media authority of North RhineWestphalia to the Federal-wide “Safer Internet Day” (on Tuesday).

more than 1000 Internet nationwide, interviewed users from the age of 14 years. The results of the study were presented to the German press Agency.

vaccinate The Dam and to Offend people in social networks abuts, therefore, at 98 percent rejection. 59 percent said, to show solidarity with the Victims of insults in the Internet and to support them. Respondents over 45 years of solidarity, this tends to be more common than Younger people. 16 percent admitted, however, to have an “irrelevant comment”.

96%, it is not in order if there is incorrect information, so “Fake News”, to be disseminated on the Internet. Half of the respondents claimed to participate in public discussions on the net. In Eastern Germany, men’s and under-45-Year-old participate, according to the study, above average on such a network debates.

opinion joyously and hardened to criticism, the younger respondents: 72 percent of the 14 were – to 24-Year-olds stated that it is easy for you to trap, to say the Internet is their opinion. Almost half (49 per cent) of this age group claimed that abusive comments were no matter and they ignored this easy.

Overall, but almost one in three (32 per cent) Respondents, out of fear of insulting comments, nothing online. Well one in four (27 per cent) does not trust according to the survey, his opinion on the Internet to make it known, because he fears to be exposed.

The most frequently mentioned reason not to participate in network debates, is the lack of discussion culture: 84 per cent stated that there will not really discussed, but opinions lined up together. 70 percent said they had no time.