In Kenya, at least, died of 94 camels, after they have drunk water from a disused fountain. 26 for more animals to be in critical condition, said Shanda Guyo, veterinary in the Marsabit Region, to the BBC. He believed that the camels are the victim of a nitrate to become poisoning. “The animals were suddenly weak and could no longer keep on the legs. You crumple on the ground, as if you had a stomach ache. They also had difficulty urinating,” he said. “We have never seen anything like this,” he said and added that the incident was “unusual”.

samples of the water are now being investigated. The incident occurred in the village of North Horr, 300 kilometres North of the regional capital of Marsabit.

Many have to rely on camels

The death of camels meant for the owner of a large loss, said Guyo. They serve in the area not only as a means of Transport and beasts of burden, but also the meat and milk suppliers. Culturally, too, loved the camels, and revered.

“Some of them have calved in addition,” said Guyo. “The owners were afraid that the calf could starve to death.” For the people who depend on the animals, a severe blow. Up to 80 percent of the residents of Marsabit Region are nomadic today.

as recently as a year and a half of the animals have been decimated in the Region by a drought. In the summer of 2017, up to 80 percent of the cattle died.


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