It’s a headline that is short write on the headlines: “Soko old cases clarifies the murder of Ramona K. after more than 20 years”. So the Heading of the police communication is on Wednesday morning, on the probably not only the nationals of the then ten-year-old from Thuringia, was desperately.

About 23 years to be exact: 8203 days after the murder of Ramona K. the special unit of the country has passed police inspection in Jena, possibly, the offender. The 76-Year-old was strongly suspected the girl at 15. August 1996, kidnapped, and killed. A case that shows, according to the police, “that is a result of meticulous investigative work and the use of modern methods of forensics and information technology murders not only not, but also its security lapse.” A success message with a message: “murder is time-barred, never”.

the investigators Only: How the suspects ultimately on the track?

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13.30, a press conference at the police station, Weimar. Nearly five hours after the announcement of the investigation’s success. And about 180 Leitz-folder later on – so thick the act of Ramona, which has been worked up by the special Commission digitized and new. According to the clerk, Sven Opitz, the investigators started from the front of the line, “the last Information from traces out”. Back to the beginning, which is also the Mantra of the investigation. Start again: The Abgreifort of Ramona, the site of the then ten-year-old on the 15. August 1996 was last seen.

informed the police on Wednesday morning, is said to have approached the suspect, Wilhelm, M., the child is close to a shopping centre in Jena and in an unknown place and killed. The body will he have then saved about 130 kilometers away to the border of Hesse in a forest near Treffurt in the wartburgkreis. About a year and a half later, a hunter discovered the school bag of the child. A few days later, body parts were found.

Around 1000 persons cropped up in connection with the Disappearance of Ramona in the Leitz folders. The Soko I have been developed a Parameter – for example, where these persons to the possible time of the murder – and a kind of “Ranking”, main expert Opitz. Ultimately, 30 people were left, which were intensively tested. Until there are only two suspects.


22 years Ago, the little Ramona died – the police arrested a suspect

DPA Soko “old cases” comes rapist on the track

One of these: a 56-Year-old from Erfurt, Germany. He was already taken in the past year as a suspect in the case. The man is not sitting more in custody in relation to the children’s murder, he but was more than suspect. Him will now be made of the other allegations, so Soko-Manager Andreas Gersberger: due to severe rape.

Perhaps the man has murdered even. So he had told a cellmate that one of his acts of 1997 “on the track”. In the case of subsequent searches, the investigators have ensured that films in which the now 56-Year-old women with anesthetic, anesthetized, and then have raped. If perhaps a homicide, will now be examined. “The analysis is still running,” said Soko-head Gersberger.

the investigator came to the work of Wilhelm M.

At the end of the 76-year-old William M. became the focus of investigators. He is not a blank slate: After a 15-year prison sentence for sexual offences with a subsequent and later repealed security custody, he was under the leadership of supervision. He had been repeatedly convicted of serious sexual abuse, even of children.

Ursula Herrmann

The chronology of the gruesome child abduction

The arrest in the case of Ramona is to some extent due to a production: Last Friday, you’ve faced William M. – after operating as covert action – with a warrant, and then further observed. The suspect is said to have turned off his phone, and ultimately thrown away. According to Soko-head Gersberger the man then moves in the Federal territory, where the police had managed “to not be able to a variety of things to document, the subject-matter of the Public.” And only “a Tatbeteiliger could know”, so Gersberger.

Wilhelm M., was arrested on Tuesday in Erfurt, the district court of Gera has issued a warrant. The office of the public Prosecutor of a murder to obstruction of a criminal Offence, it was said in the press conference. According to the MDR Thuringia, the family of Ramona K. on Tuesday evening, had to learn of the latest findings. In an “intense conversation” I asked the mother that the family is not contacted.

A confession by the accused was not there previously. “So far,” said the Prosecutor in the press conference.

sources: press portal, MDR

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