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When you plan to purchase a piece of equipment, it’s best that you know that it is indeed worth your money. If you are here, you have definitely heard about what a log splitter is. And now, you want to know if it’s really worth having. This type of equipment may be a bit costly. However, it is for a reason. A log splitter provides a lot of benefits and eventually, its cost will pay for itself. Here are some of the benefits of having/using a log splitter:

1. A log splitter allows you to get more work done.

The best thing about a log splitter is it helps you get more work done. When splitting wood manually, you have to exert a lot of your effort. Most of these times, you only get to cut a few logs as you are too tired to continue. If you use a log splitter, you can split many logs in a short time.

2. It helps make the work faster.

When the log splitter was not made yet, people had to cut or split wood manually by using an ax. As you can see, this takes a lot of time as even splitting a single log is time-consuming. Splitting wood does not only mean you have to cut it in half. You must also cut it into desirable sizes for firewood. This means that you have to cut a single wood multiple times to achieve this.

If you use a log splitter, you will significantly decrease the amount of time required to make firewood. How fast it finishes the job will depend on the type of splitter you have. If you have a manual log splitter, the work will still be a bit faster than using an ax. However, it will not be as fast and efficient if you use a gas-powered or electric log splitter.

A manual log splitter depends on the power of the operator. So it still requires significant effort on your part. Meanwhile, a gas-powered or electric splitter is more powerful and therefore, completes the job in quite a short time.

3. It helps you save on heating expenses.

You are probably confused as to how a log splitter helps in your heating bills. A lot of people find a log splitter expensive and are not willing to pay the upfront expenses. As mentioned earlier, the expensive cost of a log splitter will surely pay off eventually.


This is because it helps you make more firewood. It is more energy-efficient to use your fireplace if your place needs more heat. You don’t have to rely on your central heating and other types of heating technology. With firewood, you can keep you and your family warm without worrying about your electric bills.

4. It helps make the job easier.

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If you have tried cutting wood with an ax, then you know how tiring it is. Sometimes, you cannot even cut it properly. Since it is energy-consuming, you become exhausted right away. This hinders you from completing the work effectively. There are even times that you cannot complete the job due to exhaustion.

By using a log splitter, you are letting the equipment do the job. This makes the job so much easier, allowing you to save your energy for other important things.

5. It does not require much maintenance.

Almost all types of equipment require proper maintenance in order to function optimally for a long time. Generally, the bigger the equipment, the more maintenance it is going to need. A log splitter, whether manual or gas-powered, usually requires less maintenance. This means that you don’t have to spend more to make sure that your equipment is functioning properly. All types of log splitters require oil to operate, so that is most likely the primary maintenance that you need to attend to.

The best way to make sure that your log splitter functions properly is to get it from a trusted hydraulic log splitter supplier. A high-quality splitter usually costs more but you can be assured that it does not get damaged right away.

6. A log splitter is friendly to the environment.

Using a log splitter to make firewood is friendlier to the environment than using other types of heating. Moreover, if you do choose to use a manual log splitter, you will not be releasing harmful fumes or chemicals to the environment. Even when you are using a gas-powered splitter, the amount of fumes it releases is significantly smaller compared to the fuel used to heat or power your home.

7. It is portable and easy to operate.

Log Splitter
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All log splitters have simple designs to make them portable and easy to operate and store. This is also a huge benefit as you don’t have to assemble it each time you need to use it. Plus, you can also store it easily in your garage or storage room without taking much space.

8. It helps control the mess as much as possible.

Before, cutting wood manually made a lot of mess. Aside from tirelessly cutting wood, you also need to clean up the mess made from all those cutting. With a log splitter, you will only make a minimum mess. There might be some wood chips flying off. However, you can easily keep them and can even make use of them. Wood chips are great for making compost which is healthy for your garden.