Because she has repeatedly lined up illegally stray cats, a 79-year-old woman from the U.S. state of Ohio for a period of ten days in jail. It is already the fourth Time that the widow of the city of Garfield Heights will be prosecuted for a violation of the ban, reported the news page on Tuesday (local time). Previously, the woman had paid, therefore, already more than 2000 dollars (about 1790 Euro) penalty.

Elderly woman is missing her own cats

you miss your own cats, who had died two years ago, was quoted by the Website the Elderly woman. Therefore, they have started to feed the strays in your neighborhood. Meanwhile, there are six to eight adult cats and their offspring, all of whom were regularly in front of your house to feed.

The Feeding of stray animals is in Garfield Heights, a misdemeanor. Because the wife had several times failed to aware of the prohibition, should you the 11. August start a jail sentence, reported the news site. After the shafts, the the case proposed, would examine the judgment before, but again.

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