Goch: 76-Year-old of Unknown low –

shot In North Rhine-Westphalia, Goch has been injured, a 76-Year-old on Saturday night by a shot difficult. The police announced that the man in his living room, when suddenly the glass of the patio door shattered. As a result, the later victims had been on the terrace, where, immediately, an unknown man shot him. The 76-Year-old who was injured in the leg, came later in a hospital. Danger was not life.

The culprit, however, could flee, despite large-scale search of the police, even a helicopter was used, unrecognized. “According to initial findings, no killing intent behind the deed,” write the officials. The investigation is going.

Berlin: a 15-Year-old missing – homicide determined

In Berlin, is missing since last Monday, a 15-year-old schoolgirl. Because there are no clues to the whereabouts of Rebecca R. and it cannot be excluded that the young woman of a Crime, fell victim to, has started on Saturday a murder in the Commission of the land criminal police office in the investigation.

Therefore, the student is held on the last Monday (18. February) when members of a family in the district of Britz. Around 9.50 PM they would not have to go to the start of classes at your school, but you showed up. Now the police, the searches, in the meantime, with a picture to the student hopes to notices from the population. Rebecca R. is described as follows (here is a Link with a picture of the student):

15 years old, but it can also three years older werden170 estimated handbag 180 centimeters tall slim figure, brown shoulder-length hair clothing: a pink plush jacket, white hooded sweatshirt with the words “RAP MONSTER”; the blue, to the knees, torn Jeans; black/white sports shoes of the brand “VANS”; a great beige-pink; red backpack

hints take the officials under the telephone number (030) 4664-911333 or by E-Mail.

Ostallgäu: After the avalanche: rescuers search after the missing property

After an avalanche in the Eastern allgäu region, the search for a missing 43-Year-old boy. The police announced on Sunday. On Saturday evening the search for the man from Bavaria was cancelled due to avalanche danger and nightfall. After assessing the Situation, the management decided to bring the search and flew forces into the avalanche area. The search area is still at risk as the avalanche. The avalanche had buried on Saturday near the German-Austrian border, six people. Four were rescued, a 42-Year-old from Bavaria, was killed.

Karlsruhe: 63-year-old cow elephant in the Zoo died

The 63-year-old elephant cow Rani is dead in the Zoo in Karlsruhe. Nurses had found the animal on Saturday morning, lying down in the elephant house, informed the city on Sunday. Rani, who is considered to be one of the oldest Asian elephants in Germany, died in failure, therefore, to cycle, just before an animal could redeem a doctor the three and a half-ton animal that could no longer keep on the legs. The elephant cow was came in June 1957 as a two-year young animals than wild-caught from India to Karlsruhe.

Bremerhaven: woman crashes with car into the river and dies

A car driver, is plunged into Bremerhaven with your car in a river and died. The vehicle went off on Sunday morning from the road, crashed on a bridge in the Geeste and sank between the canoe club and the naval school, such as the fire and rescue services. Since the car was stuck on the roof at the bottom of the river in the soft mud, could not open the rescue diver the doors. Using a boat managed to tow the car to the old Geest bridge and to pick up with a crane out of the water. For in the car trapped driver, came too late to help.

Ostallgäu: at Least one dead after Avalanches

During an Avalanche in the German Alps, is at least one German killed. After the three avalanches at the Schaefer pale dead were recovered on Saturday, an Injured and three uninjured people from the masses of Snow, police said in Schwangau in the district of Ostallgäu. The Victims were German. Another man was still missing, the search was suspended after dark.

Nagold: back evening ends for ten people in the hospital

In the case of a baking evening in Nagold in Baden-Württemberg have been poisoned ten participants with carbon monoxide. As the police reported, were on Saturday night, just Pizza and onion cake in the oven, as a woman fainted. Shortly thereafter, two other participants complained of dizziness and a headache. The fire Department noted in the public bakery, the small town of greatly increased carbon monoxide values. The ambulance service brought ten people to the hospital. The cause of the poisoning, it was said: During baking the welfare of the flue was closed in the roof.

newcomers: four-year-old runs to the street and is hit by a car – dead

In Baden-Württemberg went on a four-year-old girl in front of a car and the consequences of the collision, died. The child delivery according to police, on Saturday afternoon in the municipality of newcomers in Pforzheim between parked cars onto the road, directly in front of the approaching car of a 26-Year-old. The four-year-old was captured by the car and suffered severe head injuries. The girl was flown with a rescue helicopter in a Stuttgart hospital, as the police reported. The four-year-old died in the evening of her injuries.

news from Saturday, 23. February

Reutlingen: Naked woman’s body in the garden

The police in Reutlingen (Baden-Württemberg) has been reported on Saturday morning a body was discovered. This was confirmed when the Arrival of the rescue forces informed the competent police headquarters and the Prosecutor’s office. Accordingly, it is found on a garden plot, the naked body of a woman.

Meanwhile, the criminal investigation Department had taken up the investigation, specialists of the forensic technology could be on the spot, it said.

Munich: drug RAID at a rap show

With more than 100 officials is taken by the police during a Rapkonzerts in the Olympic hall in Munich against drug-related crime. “We have about 60 Ads for violation of the narcotics act and 30 due to traffic offences in connection with alcohol or drugs,” said a spokesman on Saturday. In addition, the “image”newspaper had previously reported.

The action during the performance of the Rap-Duo Bones MC & RAF Camora on Friday evening was no longer planned. The period, according to b were egg concerts of the two German rappers in other länder in Germany, carried out regular raids. In the past there have been in the environment of the concerts, there are references to drug abuse.

Salzgitter: thief fails and tries the next door, immediately again

After the first theft was a failure, it has tried a 36-Year-old in a neighboring Store. The police announced, had been watching the man from the employees of a discounter in Salzgitter, as he tried to steal two cans of beer. When asked, handed over the prevented a thief the drinks without comment and went into an adjacent beverage market, to try his luck there again. However, he was caught again and escaped.

An informed Patrol discovered the man a little later in the entrance area of an apartment building and arrested him. In the case of the control have out against the 36-Year-old warrant. So the day ended for him in a prison where he must “at least make no thoughts to its food and beverage supply,” the officials wrote.

Lennestadt: motorist drives a fireman intentionally over the foot

A divided reasonable motorist has a firefighter to a closed use position and hurt. According to the fire Department-message from Saturday, the man drove the helpers intentionally over the foot to pass through the place despite the ban. Then, he disappeared. The fireman suffered bruises. The police are investigating after the incident on Friday in the Sauerland Lennestadt against the volatile driver.

The fire Department had locked in a fire because of a Chimney fire the passage in front of the house. The fireman had not informed the motorist, therefore, that he could there at the moment is over. During the fire, nobody was hurt.

Erfurt: thief leaves ID at the scene of the crime

Instead of a Breakfast, a clumsy thief in Erfurt has received a criminal complaint to the police. The 29-Year-old wanted to pay on Friday in Erfurt supermarket only a part of the purchase, the police announced on Saturday. In a cooling bag he had, therefore, a back and a coffee drink hidden. When the saleswoman approached, the man fled, but crashed and lost his prey, a key and his ID.

According to police, a cashier and a witness, the 29-Year-olds. As the man fought back, but violently, it will run soon. His identification of the man left. The police filed a complaint for predatory theft.

Ludwigshafen, Germany: women cheat on dementia patients to a large sum of money

In Ludwigshafen (Rhineland-Palatinate) have cheated on him two unknown women in a dementia 86-Year-old to € 25,000. The police announced on Saturday, occurred the incident in November last year, but fell recently.

Thus, had addressed the two women to the pensioner at the time in the inner city and give him a helpless situation. In the Wake of the man have always paid weider purchases for the women, as well as money. In total, about 25,000 Euro came together. First, as the 86-Year-old to his daughter gave, broke, looked at the account balances of your father, in more detail, the fraud was busted.

Hannover: 18-Year-old case of a dispute stabbed to death

In Hanover, a 18, has been stabbed-Year-old in a bloody strife in the city centre. The victim had died in the night on Saturday in a hospital, police said. Three other young men suffered at the skirmish near the Opera square and partly life-threatening injuries. “According to initial findings, the two groups clashed on Friday evening,” said a spokesman for the police on Saturday morning. The murder weapon was probably a knife, it said.

the information provided by the officials that two unknown men stabbed with sharp objects at the victim, before they desisted from them. In spite of immediately initiated investigation with numerous patrol cars, the perpetrators would have been able to escape. The injured arrived by ambulance to hospitals for the 18-Year-olds, however, came too late to help. A peer is floating, therefore, in danger of their lives.

The suspects are described as follows:

both of them, about 170 centimeters tall and slender one of the two short hair and was wearing dark Kleidungder other has long, black hair that were combed to the side parting; clothing: red shirt, blue Jeans

notes on the men to accept the police, the determined due to a Homicide, call 0511 109-5555.

Bayreuth: Half the city after a pipe break, without drinking water

many citizens in Bayreuth, no drinking water since Saturday morning, more from the line. Cause a raw breaking strength. In the Nibelungen road was a major burst pipe, whereupon the high-level tank automatically large protective flap lock. “As a result, the pressure is taken out of the lines and the tank does not run empty,” said a spokesman for the Stadtwerke Bayreuth. Half of the city until Further notice, without drinking water.

The flap should now be gradually re-opened. When water flows in the pipes, was not in sight in the morning. For a dialysis center and other medical facilities, according to the municipal utilities in need of emergency care

Berlin: justice is a possible police connection to the Clans after

After a charge against the Berlin police information to members of the Arabic admit burly clan, has taken the Prosecutor’s investigation. On the basis of statements of Ex-police officers in the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) had been initiated ex officio proceedings, said the spokesman for the Berlin-based investigative authority, Martin Steltner. “There is no accused.” Previously, the “Berliner morning post had reported.”

In the RBB-“evening show” said the spokesman of the Association of Critical police officers, that some of my colleagues in Berlin, “information lines” in the Milieu of Arab descent, Clans and used. These cops would come but not always immediately to the important information, a limited Ex-the official Thomas Wüppesahl in the program. On dpa request, he said his disclosures were based on personal perceptions of colleagues.

Roth: Dead discovered the man was hard to miss

After the discovery of a naked corpse in Bavaria, the investigators assume that the man was tortured to death. At the autopsy, traces of “blunt-force trauma had been found”, said a police spokesman on Friday.

A passerby had the naked body on Wednesday, on a tarred road in Roth South of Nürnberg discovered. On Friday morning, approximately 30 police officers searched the area around the site. Even the search dogs were in use. “The location must not necessarily be the scene of the crime, that odor traces might lead to the scene of the crime”, – said the speaker.

as before, it is unclear to whom it is about 50 to 60-year-old dead. The police wanted to queries in Roth and surroundings residential homes to search for missing persons.

Darmstadt: police dog tracks down fugitive burglar in asparagus field on

A police dog has tracked in Hesse, a fugitive burglar in an asparagus field. As the police said, fled the offender on Friday evening with a pike jump through a aufgehebeltes kitchen window after he had been caught by a couple in the act. The Darmstadt police received tips from witnesses and pursued the man – also a police dog “Pacman” was used. The dog sniffed the area and tracked down a short time later, the 36-year-old suspect in the asparagus field. There the man was no resistance. In the backpack of the Suspect, the officers of a burglary tool found.

news of Friday, 22. February

Frankfurt/Main: two year old dies in traffic accident

In Frankfurt am Main died in a two-year-old child in the event of a serious accident suffered injuries. According to police reports, the Boy was together with his brother and father out of town on the road, when he fell while driving out of the car and seriously injured on the road remained. The 47-year-old father had stopped immediately and was hurried to the child to help. The 19-year-old brother tried to help the marriage alerted the ambulance brought the two-year-old in a hospital. There the Boy died, however, a little later.

officials are now assessing how it could come to the tragic incident. Accordingly, it is possible that the father had not complied with its duty of care and his son is not right for the car journey had secured.

Ritterhude: man hoards 1000 firearms in the apartment

After the discovery of about 1000 firearms in an apartment, the police does not present an extremist Background. Officials had discovered in the private rooms of a 44-year-old gunsmith, in lower Saxony Ritterhude pistols and rifles with 10,000 rounds of ammunition. When moving from Schleswig-Holstein to lower Saxony, the man had taken it all in his workshop hoarded weapons, said a spokesman for the Kiel public Prosecutor’s office on Friday. He had been able “to conduct its business as it would have been necessary.” On the occasion of the house search, a criminal case, the Kiel public Prosecutor’s office for embezzlement of weapons was, according to police.

Witten: 80-Year-old wants to reverse out of Parking spaces, and 40,000 euros in damages

In the hospital the to simulate maneuvers of a Pensioner in a car Park in Witten ended. Because another vehicle was too close to her car, climbed the 80-Year-old on Thursday spontaneously on the passenger side. From there you will be tried according to the police, then with your left leg on the center console over the brake to get the pedal of your automatic car to roll backwards out of a Parking space. The old lady slipped, apparently, and instead, it was on the accelerator. Her car crashed backwards against a pillar and damaged two more cars. The woman was injured in the mishap. The resulting property damage, police estimated to be approx. 40,000 euros.

Lüneburg: the Problem Wolf may be shot can be shot down, according to court

The is deemed to be dangerous Rodewalder Wolf in lower Saxony. The upper administrative court of Lüneburg, dismissed on Friday a complaint by the circle of friends of wild wolves back to live against the killing of the animal. The court confirmed a decision of the lower court. The judgment is no longer subject to appeal. The shoot-down authorization for the Leitrüden of the Rodewalder pack is initially valid until next Thursday (28. February). “Reasonable Alternatives to killing are not apparent,” it said in a communication to the court. The death of the animal was to avert a significant damage is required. The Wolf will be more than attributed to 40 cracks of farm animals, including ponies and cattle.

Duisburg: 62-year-old E-Biker crashes into car and dies

It is the horror scenario of every cyclist: At the edge of the road the car the door opens suddenly and you can no longer Dodge. An E-Biker in Duisburg is exactly what happens on Thursday evening. The 62-Year-old was opened, according to information from the police on the road, as a woman in the driver’s door of your car. The 56-Year-old had parked her car a short time before the edge of the road. The man flew through the door and suffered serious head injuries, which he succumbed a little later in a hospital. According to the statements of a first aider the accident victim was not wearing a helmet.

Finnentrop: Three Dead after missglücktem Overtaking

In the case of a frontal crash, in the Sauerland region on early Friday morning, three people were killed, another was seriously injured. As the WDR reported first collided on the Federal highway 236 near Finnentrop (North Rhine-Westphalia) in the case of a botched Overtaking two Cars. The first investigations revealed that it was in the case of the three dead men at the age of 19, 28 and 31 years. The police announced at noon, had been overtaken in an accident witness by a later accident Car. The short of it is this collided with an oncoming car. This was after the first reconstruction of the accident on the opposite lane on the road. The reasons for the Prosecutor’s office Wins, which has included the investigation is now investigating.

The message was updated.

Pinneberg: first aider at the scene of the accident, robbed

While you are provided with a crashed Biker First aid, have Unknown of a woman stolen on Wednesday in the district of Pinneberg, the handbag. As reported by the police, had parked the first aider in your pocket at the road edge, to supply, together with three other passers-by a 50-year-old man who had come for the test drive with an electric wheel. When the police arrived at the scene of the incident, had vanished the purse of the woman. Officials later found a few hundred meters away in front of a supermarket – the unknown offender stole according to police, a “small amount of cash”.

Cologne: Illegal car racing in the City, speeders overtake police

Two young drivers have a pursuit late Thursday evening in the centre of Cologne, a race with their cars and, later, a sjagd with the police delivered. With up to 120 kilometres per hour, they raced recklessly through the streets. In the district of Sülz, you overtake a car in which a police officer went private through the city. The policeman gave chase and alerted his colleagues. The racers didn’t bother initially but. On The Contrary. The two 21 – and 22-year-old men ran over, according to police, several red lights, and overhauled several times, each other with much more than 100 kph. Strip officers stopped the Duo finally, in the South of Cologne. Against you in a criminal display.

news of Thursday, 21. February

Cologne: nurse accused of sexual abuse of young patient sentenced

In Cologne, 33, was sentenced-year-old nurse to two years ‘ probation, after he tried to force a at the time of the murder 15-year-old female to have Sex. As “RP Online” reported, occurred the incident in November 2017. The teenager was, therefore, after a hand surgery in the hospital, and rang the bell at night after the nurses, because she was in pain. The Accused gave her a painkiller. Because this did not help, rang them a short time later again. The nurse asked her if she wanted to go with him to smoke, she accompanied him into a side of the hospital wing. There, the defendant had fondled the patient, and kissed. Then he would have asked you for oral sex. The student refused and he left her. Back in her room, the girl would have been included until the next day in the bathroom.

The 33-Year-old stated that he had interpreted the signals of the patient, such as a Smile, wrong. In addition, the “sexual pressure would have forced him” to the fact. He acknowledged the fact, according to the report, before the court, completely, was remorseful and wool to compensate the victim financially. The money would lend him his parents-in-law. The Job at the hospital, he lost, therefore, in the meantime, and is in a nursing home.

Herne: Due to Nazi-counterfeit – Cranger Kirmes back

dated far beyond The city limits Hernes also known Cranger Kirmes is in this year for the 535. Time for a celebration. This is remarkable, because the biggest folk festival in North Rhine-Westphalia, 2018 to 583. Changes had taken place. As the WDR reported, had claimed a Hobby-historian, that the counting method was distorted in the 1930s by the Nazis. The had in 1935, apparently for Propaganda reasons, the 500. Cranger Kirmes is celebrated. Because the historically not documented, defined by the Council of Elders of the city of Herne, Germany, in the year 1484 as the start of the year. “It is important for us that the new method of counting, came not through the arbitrariness of the Nazis”, stressed a spokesman for the city of Herne, compared with the WDR. This year, the Cranger Kirmes is increasing by 1. to 11. August. 2018, the organizers counted nearly four million visitors.


With up to four million visitors to Germany, the Cranger Kirmes one of the biggest folk festivals in North Rhine-Westphalia. In 2019 you will find the 535. Time in Herne, Germany, instead of

©Marcel Kusch DPA Gera: test drive with 246 km/h – a teenager speeder accident,

is Significantly faster than the police allowed, was on Wednesday a young motorist on the A4 in the Thuringian town of Gera. With a record-breaking 246 km/h, the 23-Year-old was, according to the police, on the way, as the radar trap in a 120-Zone zuschnappte. As it turned out later, took advantage of the man a test drive, his speed rush. After he was caught, put the speeder to a screeching halt, lost control of the car and put it several times into the guard rail. He got out unharmed, the property was the police, according to the damage of 20,000 euros. The man has to give up his driver’s license for three months and a fine of 1200 Euro threatens him.

source: “Leipziger Volkszeitung”

Magdeburg: Pair locking with pace 214, on Federal street, in order to achieve flight

particularly in a hurry, it was on Tuesday morning, a couple from the resin. A civilian strip the team of the car of the two fell first, because he raced at 161 kilometres per hour on the B81 in the direction of Merseburg. Are allowed 100 miles per hour. Instead of stopping, stepped up to the 49-year-old driver of the gas pedal but still a little more and accelerated to 214 miles per hour – as reported by the police, the Couple later, to be on the way to the Berlin airport. Apparently, the two were late. The driver nu. Him a fine of 1200 Euro, expect a three-month driving ban and some points in Flensburg. Whether the Pair has reached its holiday fliers, is not known.

Lübeck: 40-pound Clock is a crash on the Church square

lucky had passers-by on Tuesday in the Jacobi Church in Lübeck. The approximately 40-pound pointer broke away from the clock tower and crashed, according to police, about 80 meters in depth. People came, therefore, to damage. “You don’t like to even imagine what could have happened,” said Pastor Lutz Jedeck the “Lübecker Nachrichten”. Why the pointer of the 1334 Church dedicated to St. Jacobi rushed to the North side to the floor is unclear. “It is quite incomprehensible that a watch that lasts for centuries, so something is happening,” Jedeck.

It is unusual, but it is not the first Time that the pointer of a clock of the nearby Church independently. In October 2016, the minute hand of St. Catherine’s Church, rushed in Hamburg in the night from 40 metres on the Church forecourt. Here, too, no one was hurt.

Stade: SUV dashed against a bridge pillar, driver was dead

In case of a severe traffic accident on Wednesday in the district of Stade, a 40-year-old drivers were killed. The 40-Year-old fell on state highway 73 between Burweg and Hechthausen for yet unknown reasons into oncoming traffic and crashed head-on into a bridge pillar. The 71-year-old driver of an oncoming Car could swerve at the last Moment, and a collision prevent. The automatic reporting system of the Mercedes triggered and alerted the police and rescue forces. The man at the wheel of the SUV died at the scene.

Harrislee: 89-falls-Year-old grandson trick

again and again the police warn of the so-called grandchild trick – but mostly old) people fall for it again and again (to the scammer. This is exactly what happened on Monday afternoon, an 89-year-old pensioner in Harrislee (Schleswig-Holstein). The police announced on Wednesday, handed the man a to him unknown woman more than 20,000 euros in a black leather bag.

Thus, had ordered the scammers to the pensioner a Taxi that brought him to his institution in Flensburg city centre. The man took the money and was from the taxi driverrer, the police as a witness, back home, where he handed the sum to the wife. Also, you will be searched by the police. Accordingly, the victim described the fraud as follows:

about 20 to 25 years altcirca 160 to 165 centimeters tall neat appearance

The taxi driver, as well as possible witnesses to the handover of the money are asked to contact 0461 – 484 0 to the police. The information of the officials, have increased the calls to the wrong police or grandchildren in the space of Flensburg in the last two weeks solid. You have knowledge of more than 100 Calls of this kind.

Übach-Palenberg: police to sexual offence witnesses.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Übach-Palenberg the police after an unknown youth was on Tuesday afternoon, compared to a nine-year-old girl sexually grip. Accordingly, the child was playing on a Playground, when a young man approached and led to a mound of dirt. There, the young people should have stripped the girl.

The officials, according to two strollers, the speeches, the suspects approached in this Moment. This was run then walk. The passers-by took the girl home. Now the police are looking for both after helping a couple, as well as to the unknown youth who is described as follows:

about 15 to 17 years of age, and of robust stature, short, blonde, and upstairs greasy hair, asked to be witnesses at the sides, shorter brown shoes, light brown denim jacket and blue Jeanswar with black-and-white Bicycle on the road

to put under the phone number 02452 920 0.

news of Wednesday, 20. February

Munich: police stops driving school – driving instructor on drugs

During a routine control, the police in Munich have pulled a driving instructor. The officers found the 40-Year-old initially glassy and red eyes, and assumed, therefore, that the man navigated his driving students under the influence of a drug through the streets of the Bavarian capital Navi. The locally made drug-test confirmed this suspicion. The police announced, has been canceled, then the hour’s drive. The rider was allowed to go home. The due blood test should confirm the results of the quick tests that threaten his driving instructor, a driving ban, two points in Flensburg and a fine of 500 euros. Maybe the man loses even his driving instructor permission.

Pulheim: Drunk driver falls asleep in front of traffic light, a

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Pulheim is asleep, a motorist in front of a traffic light. As the police reported on Wednesday, the 49-Year-old three per thousand in the blood. A witness stopped around 8.30 am on Tuesday morning behind the vehicle of the man. But when the light turned Green, drove off the car in front of him. When he got out, and ran to the car, he noted that the driver sat asleep behind the wheel. An ambulance took him to a hospital, where a blood sample. The police secured the license and launched a criminal case.

Rostock: Baby skeleton in the flower pot found

In Rostock (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) has found the police in the case of a 27-year-old woman is the skeleton of a newborn baby in a flower pot. When the Baby died and what was the exact cause of death is yet determined, said the spokesman for the Rostock office of the public Prosecutor, Harald Nowack, on Wednesday. So far there is no evidence of a homicide.

The investigators had received a note from a loved one that the woman kept a dead-born child in her apartment. The apartment in a multi family home was at 16. February searches. In an earth filled flower pot, officials found a small skeleton. Forensic scientists have found out that it is the bone of a newborn baby.

With the help of DNA analysis is to be determined details. Unclear age, gender, and cause of death of the child and how the bones came to be in the vessel. In search of the absent tenant had reported in the meantime, a lawyer at the police. You have made no data.

Iserlohn: 26-Year-old dies after punch

In Northrhine-Westphalia Iserlohn, a dispute at a red light for a 26 is assumed to be-Year-old deadly. As the police reported, was stopped by a VW Bulli in the late Sunday night behind a car. The 17-year-old passenger of the buses got out and walked up to the 26 years the passenger of the car. As of this exit, missed him, the Teen with a fist in the face, which then crashed. An ambulance brought him badly wounded to a hospital, where he died on Tuesday. According to previous investigations, it should already come before the fact to a gas station to a dispute. The Teenager was handed over in consultation with the public Prosecutor’s office, Hagen his parents. Another first, the arrested man is in the absence of Tatverdachts free again.

Münster: Unknown robbed a fast-food restaurant

In Münster, two masked men robbed a fast-food restaurant. As reported by the police on Wednesday, were the perpetrators at 1 am with firearms in the Store. One of them spoke to the guests, forced them to get up and gather at the counter. The Second demanded cash. After the staff had put the money in one of the robbers brought in a bag, the criminals fled with the four-digit prey in the direction of the Leonardo-Campus.

food: man crashes into a climbing hall, and hurt himself severely

a man crashed in a climbing hall and has suffered serious injuries. As the “WAZ” reported, was not secured, the 57-Year-old at the time of the accident on Tuesday afternoon. In the Neoliet hall, the climbers are protected by an automatic System, so there is no second man, holding the safety rope. Video-instruction of the persons to be instructed. “The victim has seen the Video”, is quoted by the operators of the hall. He had completed four to five passages, backed up and then, despite numerous warnings not to do so, the unsecured climbed the wall. “We proceed from the fact that he crashed from a height of about ten meters,” said the operator. The man has been given medical supplies and a rescue helicopter to a hospital.

news of Tuesday, 19 flown. February

rocks: the dispute between the couple escalated

In Steinen (Baden-Württemberg) is escalated on Tuesday night with a relationship to the dispute in such a way that the police had to move out and a 36-Year-old provisionally arrested. The man is accused, his partner in the course to have the discussion seriously injured. So he punched the woman several times with a frying pan to the head, with a fork, she stabbed and to have you also with punches treated.

The woman had to be treated from the rescue service. The information of the officials, the couple was noticed in the past already several times by fierce disputes.

Bayreuth: a number of students to deflagration in the classroom, as a precaution in the clinic

brought up In the upper Franconian town of Bayreuth, a seventh-Grader, has triggered a deflagration. As the “BR” is reported, had manipulated the 14-Year-old is the battery on a laptop, as there was a loud Bang. It was a strong smoke developed and seven students, because of airway irritation and Nausea treated. They were supervised on site by a rescue service, and then, as a precaution to a hospital. The remaining students were picked up by their parents.

Montabaur: eleven-year-old, An eleven-year-old dies while Playing on bus depot

the Play on a depot in Montabaur in Rhineland-Palatinate killed. The Boy was crushed by the tire of a 200-pound tractor, as the police announced on Tuesday. Accordingly, the accident occurred on Sunday afternoon. The Boy was playing alone at the depot, while his mother, in the interior of the building was. After a preliminary investigation, the police the Boy tried to climb on to the workshop leaning against the tire. In this case, the order apparently fell and buried the boy. The mother managed together with the witnesses, the Eleven-year-old to pull out from under the tire. The Boy was taken to a hospital, succumbed, however, on Monday evening from his injuries.

Starnberg: Unknown shoots to 13-Year-old

In Starnberg, southwest of Munich, an Unknown shot with an air rifle at a 13-year-old boy. As the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” with reference to police data reports, had played the Boy together with a friend in the District of Söcking with a scooter. According to the report, would have the Boy suddenly felt a burning pain. The reason: He had been hit by an air gun projectile on the thigh. Together with his mother, he discovered in the basement later on the scene.

The Teenager remained in the incident virtually unharmed. The alerted police against the unknown to Protect because of dangerous bodily injury. It was a targeted shot, and projectiles from over-the-counter air-pressure weapons could lead to serious injuries, the report said.

balmy Hagen: hunters may be accidental shot on joggers not more

hunt After he injured last July, a Jogger on the head, may not hunt a hunter from the district of Schaumburg. As the NDR is reported, has rejected the administrative court of an application for a temporary injunction of the man. He wanted to fight back against a decision of the district. This was drafted in December, the hunting licence and the firearms certificate of the man.

In July, had resolved, according to the report from the gun of the hunter a shot. This met a 31-year-old Jogger who was with his children on the head. According to the report, the hunter denied the shot at first. In the further course of which he had made contradictory statements to the fact. The court would have regarded it as proved that he could not have a gun in a reliable hand. This was not expected in the future. Therefore, he should not be permitted to hunt on the protection of the General public.

Rügen: Several injured in accident

the island of Rügen, have been injured in The collision of two ships to the East on Tuesday morning, several people. The water protection police from at least four injured, said a spokesman for the water police. The first evidence that the supply vessel “World Bora” and the cargo ship “Raba” between 07.30 and 08.00 collided about three nautical miles northeast of stubbenkammer. The cause was still unclear, said the spokesman.

Both ships were brought, according to the ports on the island of Rügen. If Oil or fuel has expired, was initially unclear. In the rescue operation were involved according to the figures, in addition to the police, the fire brigade and rescue helicopter.

Berlin: Six people from a burning hotel room

rescued The fire brigade has rescued a large contingent of six people from a burning hotel rooms in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain. Two of them suffered from smoke poisoning and were taken to the hospital, a spokeswoman for the fire and rescue services on Tuesday. As hotel guests had to be brought out of a total of 115 rooms in safety, the fire Department, with approximately 95 man. Two hours after the Alarm the fire was extinguished to a large extent. The spokeswoman went out early in the Morning, that large parts of the hotel would promptly be accessible again. As the room was on the fifth floor, the fire was initially unclear.

Ludwigsburg: Drunk car thief without a license skin after Crash walk from

After a turbulent ride with a stolen car is a drunk 24-fled Years on Monday night in Ludwigsburg in Baden-Württemberg foot – however, without reporting his fact, even call the police. For the investigation of the Volatile, the police had to use a helicopter, as the competent Bureau announced on Tuesday. Was taken up, the adventurers finally at home.

Before the young man had stolen without a license the car in Böblingen and was from thence jetted. In Ludwigsburg, he then lost control: He drove straight over a traffic circle, sideswiped a parked car and a tree, until the car came to a house wall. The driver was injured slightly and ran away. The night the man had to spend to sober up at the police station.


The wild ride of a car thief ended on a house wall

©Dettenmeyer Picture Alliance Leipzig: 33-Year-old accident with steel beam

dies at work, A 33-year-old employee of a concrete construction company was injured in Leipzig in the case of a work accident. The man was trapped under a 20-Meter-long steel beam, as the police announced on Tuesday. According to initial findings, the heavy metal part was Working in the wrong location. The man tried on Monday, the steel beam alone, re-align and had been trapped, it said. For the man, help came too late.

Niederseelbach: father and eight-year-old daughter dead in Creek

found A 51-year-old man and his eight-year-old daughter are dead in a brook in Hesse word found en. The girl had been missing since Sunday evening. “A family drama cannot be excluded at the present time,” said the police headquarters the West of Hesse, on Monday in Wiesbaden. The Injury pattern allow appropriate conclusions to be drawn, said a police spokesman. Now it is a matter of the traces to evaluate. “We are still at the very beginning.”

in The Main-Taunus-Kreis resident mother of the child had called the police on Sunday evening, because the girl was not returned after a trip with the father. The parents had shared custody, in the evening, the child was expected the mother to return.

As the eight-year-old the next Morning, not even in the school appeared, looked at the police with a helicopter after the two Missing. In the process, police met with in the lunch hours in Niederseelbach, on the dead father and his daughter.

news of Monday, 18. February

Gau-Bickel home: driver’s and front passenger’s alternate at the wheel – both under the influence of alcohol

The highway police Gau-Bickel home went on a Sunday afternoon two men, one after the other under the influence of alcohol drew the same Car. As the officials said, had noticed the Duo’s other traffic on the A61, because it drove at speeds of 70 to 90 in queue lines. To a port of a controlled highway police, the men, and quickly discovered that both were considerably drunk.

The driver had indicated that he must surrender his driver’s license only last week. In the course of further investigation is came out that the two 20 and 33-year-old men had only exchanged a few kilometers before the courts: Therefore the Younger had moved to the tax, because the Older one is”so uncertain,” writes the police. Ultimately, the men had to be authority for the purpose of obtaining a blood sample with the service. There, it turned out that the men had already been in the morning of the same day, police prevented, with the Car drive off. Also, since the Duo was under the influence of alcohol already, but you parked at the time of inspection.

Now both will have to answer soon for drunk driving, the 20-Year-old is also due to driving a motor vehicle despite driving ban.

Merseburg: 76-Year-old lying dead in the cellar – son arrested

Two months after Christmas eve a lighted Christmas tree has made a passer-by suspicious – the police found a body in the basement and arrested a suspect. It will determined because of the suspicion of Homicide against the son of the 76 year-old resident of the House, reported the police on Monday about the Events in Merseburg (Saxony-Anhalt).

the investigation by the note of a witness who saw the tree on Sunday through a window and Worry had made had Triggered. Officials discovered it in the basement of the family house, the dead woman, such as the police, hall said.

The woman – presumably, the 76-Year-old – a long time ago a victim of a violent crime. In the house, the officers arrested the 51-year-old son as the alleged perpetrators. The public Prosecutor’s office hall requested an arrest warrant. It is planned according to police, a medico-legal examination of the corpse.

Bad Salzuflen, Germany: 16-Year-old stands on the stomach of your pregnant mother a

On the belly of her pregnant mother, a 16 is supposed to have stabbed-year-old girl in Bad Salzuflen, two Times with a knife. “We assume that she is mentally ill,” said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Detmold on Monday. According to the investigators, both the 41 were able to be rescued-Year-old as well as her unborn child.

The fact that the incident happened Monday afternoon in the house of the mother. The German is now housed temporarily in the locked psychiatric ward. She is accused of, among other things, attempted manslaughter. At the time of the siblings in the house were present. Several media had reported about the case.

Kassel, Germany: five-year-old from Playground gone Fullscreen

This is a current photo of Kaweyar issued by the police on Sunday evening.

©police headquarters Northern Hesse

Since Sunday afternoon, the police in the Hessian town of Guxhagen to a missing girl. As reported by the police, had visited the small Kaweyar together with her mother, a children’s Playground on the road “To honor the grove”. There, the mother lost her game at the end of daughter from the eyes. Since then, lacking any trace of the girl.

A large-scale search operation has been unsuccessful so far. In addition to a variety of firefighters and police rescue dog on Sunday squadrons, piece of mantra-dogs as well as two helicopters involved. As close to the play area runs the river Fulda, were also used divers of the fire brigade. It is feared that the child might have fallen into the cold river.

clues to the Disappearance of Kaweyar accept any police service. The police headquarters Northern Hesse can be reached at telephone 0561-9100. The girl is about 1.20 meters tall, according to the police, a slim build and brown half-long hair. Dressed in blue pants and a pink T-Shirt.

Frankfurt: the 32-Year-old knife attack killed

In Frankfurt am Main has been killed a 32-year-old woman in a driveway. As the suspect was taken in on Monday night her Ex-boyfriend in the South of Hesse, the police announced. The woman was attacked, therefore, with a knife.

local residents had heard in the Frankfurt district of Bockenheim in the late Sunday night cries and the police alerted. Upon Arrival, the officers, the 32-Year-old was already dead. The alleged perpetrator initially fled. The 35-Year-old but could be two hours after the fact, in the South of Hesse by police officers detained. He should still be on Monday the detention judge. The exact circumstances of the fact were at first unclear.

Wuppertal: dead in pool of blood found

In Wuppertal, Germany, was discovered on Sunday evening on the open road, a body in a pool of blood. As the “WAZ” reports, citing the police, was brought Dead to the forensic medicine to clarify the cause of death. More Details were not initially known.

Wiesbaden: hand grenade on a highway rest stop discovered

At a highway rest stop near Wiesbaden, a hand grenade was found. An employee of the restaurant of the Tank, and rearset Medenbach East have found when Cleaning the outside of the range of a “suspicious object”, reported to the police headquarters the West of Hesse in the night on Monday. The alerted police confirmed the presumption of the employee, that it’s a hand grenade hainformation.

The area was cordoned off, the Restaurant cleared out. Experts at the Hessian state criminal police office away, and then the grenade. Whether it was booby-capable, should show a forensic investigation. It was unclear how the grenade came to the roadhouse. The Wiesbaden criminal police took up investigation.

87-Year-old accident caused three dead

An 87-year-old drivers in the Western forest is causing an accident with three dead and two seriously injured. The man himself was among the Killed, police said Montabaur. The Senior was stayed on Sunday night with three other people in the car in dispute Hausen on the road and miss at the left of the right-of-way, and turn a 23-Year-old. The 87-Year-old and two women over the age of 85 and 83 years, died. A 91-Year-old, who had also sat in the car, as well as the 23-year-old car driver were seriously injured.

sources: media portal of the police, “WAZ”, NDR,

“Bayerischer Rundfunk”, “RP Online”

news from Germany the week of January 11. until the 17th century. February, you can find here:


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