The police in Munich, has discovered by chance a case of welfare fraud. A woman who was in the Offices as a penniless to be known, moved in five years social assistance. In the case of a Witness examination in another case, the police found the 67-Year-old and found out that she earned a lot of money and a luxury apartment was rented. The woman has now been sentenced to a suspended sentence.

The Munich-had as a diamond trader to a steady income, she earned thousands of dollars, without telling the authorities. Just by chance, she flew on, the police investigated a case of a friend of the 67-Year-old. This had become the victim of a Diamantenraubs in the value of 1.1 million euros. Due to the high damage, the officials reviewed the case in more detail and searched for clues in the vicinity of the victim. The social cheater also fell under the list of to be Checked, since it was already a criminal record five times, the “mercury” reported.

The tax investigation has been turned on

Without it ended up ancestors to the officials in order to hit the big time: the “diamond lady had” nothing to do with the case of your girlfriend, however the police officers in her apartment discovered pieces of furniture and objects, which were far in excess of the value of the budget of the social assistance benefits. After the tax investigation had been turned on, showed the Checks that multiple large cash deposits had been received on an account that the 67-Year-old. The investigators suspected that these were from the jewelry sales declared to the “mercury”. Overall, the woman had three accounts.

punishment fell mildly from

Between February 2011 and January 2016, the lady is said to have received social assistance, according to the “mercury” citing the indictment, in a total sum of about 60,000 euros. The trained goldsmith was guilty, and was sentenced by the Munich district court to two years probation.

sources: “mercury”