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MAD-man because of secret treason in court (16: 23)the French earn more than 100,000 Euro for arrested Boxer (15.49 PM)human rights activists accuse the Kurdish government in Iraq, torture (16.27 PM)to Iran according to The Hague to be responsible for two murders in the Netherlands (14.40 hrs)Former Stasi-Officer Birthler looks “with concern” in the East (14.19 hours), and giant fat mountain in the English sewer system discovered (13: 37)

The News of the day:

+++ 16.23 PM: MAD-man because of secret treason in court +++

A Lieutenant Colonel of the Military counterintelligence service (MAD) of 20. March trial before the Cologne district court because of secret treason in the case of the extreme right-wing German soldiers Franco. The 42-year-old officer will accused of having a Suspect out of the haze of the circle by Franco A. of impending searches by the Federal Prosecutor General warned, informed the district court of Cologne. The MAD has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

The case, Franco A. had beaten significant waves. The Offenbach-born Lieutenant should be prepared according to the indictment, from an extreme right-wing sentiment out an attack on a politician or a human rights activist. To do this, he should have procured arms, ammunition and explosives – part of the holdings of the Bundeswehr. According to the higher regional court of Frankfurt, but it is “more likely than not” that the soldier was already determined to commit an attack. For the proceedings against the MAD officer three negotiations are scheduled days, in accordance with the 20. also the 27. March and 3. April.

+++ 15.49 PM: French collect more than 100,000 euros for arrested Boxer +++

An Online fundraiser for a captured French Boxer has more than provided € 100,000. The money is to cost the lawyer for the former Boxprofi Christophe Dettinger ceilings, for a fist attack on police officers in the case of a “yellow West”-Demonstration in police custody, such as the Crowdfunding site Leetchi announced. Dettinger, a term of imprisonment threatens.

In the case of the now-ended collective action more than 117,000 euros were raised, according to data from Leetchi. Members of the French government, called the appeal “shocking” and “unworthy”. Violence against police officers is paying off, apparently criticized about Digital-Secretary of state, Mounir Mahjoubi.

+++ 14.41 PM: human rights group accuses the Kurdish government in Iraq to torture before +++

The Human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) accuses the Kurdish government in Northern Iraq, the torture of Minors. The Asajisch would have struck security forces detained young people, among other things, on the whole body, tightly bound in a painful attitude, and with electric shocks, abused, reported HRW, torture happens still in the “alarming frequency”. The Kurds in Northern Iraq enjoy a far-reaching autonomy rights. They belong to the Iraqi forces, which had pushed back the IS in the past few years. The Kurdish regional government has rejected in the past allegations of torture. The human rights organisation had its own information, in November last year, more than 20 boys between 14 and 17 years interviewed, most of whom are in prison.

+++ 14.40 PM: Iran is, according to The Hague to be responsible for two murders in the Netherlands +++

Iran according to the Dutch government for two murders of opponents of the regime in the Netherlands. The Dutch foreign Minister Stef Blok said in The Hague. He relied on information from the secret service. The murders were, according to the Minister, one of the reasons that the European Union (EU) imposed new sanctions against two Iranian and an Iranian security service. In 2015 and 2017 had been murdered in Almere, near Amsterdam and in The Hague, two critical of the regime Iranians, who had Dutch passports. The Dutch intelligence service AIVD have “strong evidence” that the government put in Tehran behind it. The Dutch government condemned these actions, and speaks of an “unacceptable” violation of Dutch sovereignty.

+++ 14.19 PM: Former Stasi-Officer Birthler looks “with concern” in the East +++

The former head of the Stasi records authority, Marianne Birthler, has been observing the political development in East Germany with concern. “I would be relieved at the end of 2019, if the democratic parties will be stronger than the AfD,” said Birthler editorial network Germany (RND). In Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg, where in September and October, a new country, days are selected, the AfD in polls currently on par or just behind the leading government parties. “If, as in the GDR, freedom of expression is suppressed, if diversity is undesirable, then the spoils of the political culture in a country.” Then there is no positive relationship to freedom, so Birthler was developing.

+++ 14.13 PM: another earthquake in the southwest of Japan +++

Within a few days of the southwest Japan has been rocked again by a strong earthquake. The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.9, the provinces of Miyazaki and Kagoshima on Japan’s southern main island of Kyushu, met. A warning of a Tsunami has not been issued. Also no reports on possible damage or injuries were initially. Just five days ago, an earthquake had shaken Kumamoto, located on Kyushu. There were came in the spring of 2016 in the case of an earthquake disaster, dozens of people were killed.