A man of Tiefenbronn near Pforzheim, Germany, is said to have killed his wife and son. The second son of the couple survived injured in the attack heavy, hovering but in danger to life. That’s what the police reported. To the exact circumstances of the fact, for example, the way in which the man attack his family, first of all, nothing is known. The police would not comment on the star’s request to continue the case.

According to the information from the press release, the 60 is supposed to have killed-year-old father and his 22-year-younger wife and the eight-year-old son. Both bodies and the officials found in the house of the couple. The eleven-year-old son saved himself, according to police seriously injured on the road, where to 13.15 PM on Saturday at noon, a Passer-by was aware of him. The witness had immediately alerted the police and rescue forces. Based on the information provided to the seriously injured child several strips had been drawn wagon””.

Tiefenbronn: suspect’s father, also

hurt, a little later, responding officers had the residence of the family by addiction. It had found the corpse of the woman and of the youngest child. Also strongly suspects father has been arrested found. According to a press release, he was taken to a hospital and is to be presented in the course of Sunday the judge.

What is the nature of his injuries and who inflicted on him, it is not clear from the message. At the request of the star to the competent police said only that there would be at the present time, no further information on the case. Also on the current state of a surviving son, there is no new information. He was flown with a rescue helicopter to a hospital, and should continue to hover in mortal danger.

The crime Commission Pforzheim, Germany took over the investigation.

source: Police press release