Buchloe: man cashes punch at marriage

A really romantic Moment is escalated at the weekend in the Swabian town of Buchloe. Therefore a man on Saturday evening of his planned prayed to ask the question of all questions. But nothing came of it, because the 29-Year-old opened the door for him immediately. Suspicious and in the Belief that his girlfriend had men visit gave the 57-Year-old access to the apartment. Thus, the two were screaming after that first, after that, the woman struck her disappointed Partner, with the fist in the face. The man was injured slightly. Two criminal now faces legal consequences for assault and Trespassing. The “Augsburger Allgemeine” had first reported about the case.

source: “Augsburger Allgemeine”

Frankfurt: woman bites police officers at the airport

A 46-Year-old has injured at Frankfurt airport, several Federal police officers with kicks and bites. The woman acted before striking, and on a toilet included, shared with the Federal police on Tuesday – five days after the incident. When the officers asked the woman there to open the door, you’ve exposed yourself. She was referred from the transit area of terminal 1.

a Little later, the airport staff called again a Patrol, because the 46-Year-old also in the public sector on a toilet moved out. The officials brought you to the station, where the woman calmed down first. When they smell leave the guard again, refused the Irish, however. The police tried to bring them out of the guard, and you’ve stepped to the officials. In the struggle she had bitten a police officer by the pant in the thigh and tried to pull the gun and the nightstick from the Holster of a police officer. The officers overpowered the woman, and fixed cuffs with a hand. Two police officers were slightly injured. The woman was brought in because of their mental state in a Frankfurt hospital.

Against the 46-Year-old is determined due to resistance to law enforcement officers and bodily harm. The incident occurred on Thursday.

source: dpa

Kleve: Three injured in crash landing with balloon

In the case of the emergency landing of a hot air balloon in North Rhine-Westphalia, three people have been injured. Due to a lack of thermals, the journey of the balloon lasted much longer than expected, which is why the air vehicle on Monday night the Gas ran out, as the police Kleve reported. The 69-year-old balloonist, landed in a wooded area.

The basket tipped over on the steep terrain. Three of the five guests, a 54-year-old woman and two men aged 46 and 80 years, were injured slightly. They were treated on an outpatient basis in the hospital. The balloon driver and two other guests remained unharmed. The balloon was launched from an airfield in Goch-Asperden, with the aim of Emmerich.

news from Monday, the 17. June

Berlin: the Criminal Trio is hiding a stolen safe in a trash can

A criminal Trio in Berlin, a stolen safe in a dumpster to carry away. Officers caught the three Suspects on Sunday morning, as they moved the bin through the streets, as the Berlin police announced on Monday. The safe came from a break-in at a daycare center. The 16-year-olds and their two alleged accomplices, 24-year-old multiple offender and a 21-year-old is already relevant police known to man, were brought before a judge. The 16-Year-old received a placement decision, the execution of the arrest warrant against the 21-Year-old was initially suspended. The third suspect has been taken into custody. Against the Trio is determined due to severe band theft.

Magdeburg: black driver with 37 knives in the backpack, in Saxony-Anhalt

caught by The Federal police in Saxony-Anhalt has caught a black driver with 37 knives in the backpack. Train carried the heavily drunken 24-Year-olds on Saturday in Aschersleben from a regional Express as the state police in Magdeburg announced on Monday. A breath alcohol test on the man revealed to 4.0 ppm. In the backpack of the 24-Year-olds, eight of the forbidden one-handed blade, a dagger and a hunting knife were also found 37 knives, including. The knives were seized. Why he carried so many knives, could not tell the man.

Brunswick: three year old alone wandering

In Brunswick, a 17 called-Year-old police after he was discovered on Sunday evening a small child alone at a bus stop. As the officials reported on Monday, the three-year-old 20.15 only with a diaper, dressed and with flip-flops on the feet from the nearby parents ‘ house and was walked on a lot. The young people alerted the police and together they found the way back to the house, which stood right at the next street.

source: police Braunschweig

Mustin: the worker under a garbage truck and dies

Deadly accident in the municipality Mustin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. There was on Saturday morning, a worker of a waste disposal company under a vehicle, as he wanted to dispose of garbage. As the police reported on Monday, he suffered this fatal injury. The driver of the garbage truck suffered a shock. How, exactly, it could come to the accident, determined now by the police.

source: police Rostock

Hagen: police Newborn baby alive in the garbage

In the garden of a house in North Rhine-Westphalia, Kierspe, the police found a live Newborn in the trash. The 31-year-old alleged mother had previously been with a bleeding in hospital Hellersen treated, how the public Prosecutor’s office, Hagen, and the police told Iserlohn, Germany, on Monday. In the investigation at noon on Friday, it turned out that she had brought a child into the world. The police discovered the child then behind the house in Kierspe. The child girl was reported to be doing well. Against the mother’s custody was arranged. Murder in the Commission of the police and the public Prosecutor’s office, Hagen determined.

source: AFP

Kirchheim unter Teck: glider crashes after Start – Pilot dies

In the baden-württemberg Kirchheim unter Teck is killed in an accident on Sunday afternoon, a man with his glider. As the police reported on Monday, was pulled out of the plane against the 14.45 from a towing aircraft on the airfield Hahnweide to the height. Immediately after the release of the Sailplane, this crashed in a wooded area in Beuren. The 62-year-old- engine Pilot was found. He came killed in the crash. The cause of the accident is yet unclear.

source: police Reutlingen

Oelde: minor auto accident – 17-build-Year-old

A 17-dies-Year-old is in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Oelde in a car against a tree, rebounded, and is a fellow died in the accident. The three young people at the age of 17 years were lost in the night to Sunday for reasons not yet understood cause the truck off of the road, as the village police were informed. The car crashed into a tree. A passenger was trapped in the back seat. He died still at the accident scene. The other two youth were seriously injured. According to initial investigations, one of the boys had taken his mother’s car to make a splash tour. He had, therefore, a driver’s license for accompanied Driving.

source: DPA

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