Angela Merkel has made the 5000 full. Respect! 5000 days in the Chancellery – that is a Board.

time for a review on the Merkel-long-distance. For space reasons, you understand, gathered in 1000-steps. Footsteps of an Era, the on 22. November 2005 began, the day that you elected and was sworn in in the German Bundestag as the first Chancellor in the history of the Republic. As a “strong Signal for many women, and some men certainly”, as the then President of the Bundestag Norbert Lammert formulated laconically. It’s a bumpy Start, incidentally, was at the time. Only 397 of 448 deputies of the coalition of Union and SPD want to decide for you.

The star has yet looked up: What you did for your country on their anniversary days, which are nothing other than calendrical coincidences in the eternal maelstrom of the political time runs?

she has served in Germany, the was, the is their motto. She has changed, and your country at the same time. Can you see that? You can.


the first oath of office: Merkel ends with “So help me God”. Bundestag President Norbert Lammert holds the basic law

©Sven Simon/DDP 17. August 2008, the 1000. Tag

of The 17. August 2008 is a Sunday. It is in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital is called Tbilisi. Merkel comes to plumbing, to the Finishing. As a world state woman in her early determination phase. A today almost forgotten Blitzkrieg has taken place a few days earlier, Russian troops are on Georgian territory. It is the biggest foreign policy crisis of its tenure. The world of the breath? The not. But it is this countless fire on the earth, the want to be better quickly come out. And it is with small steps. The voltages at the reach of the. Merkel makes Shuttle diplomacy. Georgia wants in Nato.

she has to do in this conflict with Vladimir Putin, of course, is one of the few human constants of the Merkel-remain Era. Around you much will decline in the coming years. The inside and the outside. In the United States, George W. Bush ruled. In France, Nicolas Sarkozy. The hibbelige Frenchman holds you, the inexperienced, under-cooled Uckermärkerin, in terms of foreign policy too. Entirely wrong he has not, in August 2008. There are only 1000 days.

And yet, elemental traits Merkel is to detect shear policy on this Sunday, in the Caucasus. The almost unwavering stoicism with which they met the erratic-acting Georgian President Saakashvili. The Protestant insight into the often grotesque mismatch of expenses and income in the policy. A seven-hour flight, two hour layover, a statement to the press, a message. Policy as a tough process. As an eternal “more, always more”. Often as a simple juxtaposition of word bubbles, of banalities. So that no vacuum is created.

In Tbilisi says, “Georgia will, if it is the want and the want it to be, a member of Nato.” For this position you will be criticized by Gerhard Schröder, the man who was her predecessor, the Saakashvili for “soldier of fortune” is holding, and now Gazprom is working. Even so, a constant.

she Was in good spirits at the time? Optimistic? To improve willing, the world, or at least to keep in balance? Still fresh, not yet ready to use the daily growing experience for your own disillusionment? The pictures of the time give sufficient information. Show you smiling, focused. Merkel-Images. Dozen of goods. 17. August 2008 is not a day that you must remember. There are many, much more important. More important.


Trippel steps in Tbilisi: Merkel as the appointed mediator in the dispute between Georgia and Russia. In front of her, Georgia’s President Saakashvili is running.

©Michael Gottschalk/DDP

Exactly eight weeks, then she has overhauled its first Chancellor, Kurt-Georg Kiesinger, who headed the Grand coalition. Only 1055 days he was in office. You forget something, Yes, sometimes, as a book can be. All of the goals, ambitions. Zack. And already over. Ludwig Erhard (1142 days), the next in the series, has you on 6. January 2009 obtained. Nothing what you would have in the calendar, painted. As the visit the day before. The carolers were in the Chancellery. Merkel sings so fond of.

your summer of 2008, is the last of the summer light-heartedness, if you can say that in this office at all. The great crisis will come. Soon. Seven weeks after Tbilisi, again a Sunday, there she stands with her Finance Minister, Peer Steinbrück, on the steps of the Chancellery and proclaims the saving a Nation: “your deposits are safe.” Shortly before, became clear: The banking system threatens to collapse.

your presence is a gesture. A promise against the fear, which can be mass-panic. She followed him without a net, non-drossener Drögheit Merkel-Style durchwalkt, as if you statement to the collective system would read to the Nation a user’s behavior: “I want to stress once again that I was very happy that we are going to change the accounting rules within the next month and also a piece of security for the banks will be given.” The man takes her. The Joy. About the accounting rules. The will change. Within the next month.

The first 1000 days. Good Days? Stable. In her Cabinet she has Frank-Walter Steinmeier at your side. Wolfgang Schäuble, interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, only a marginal figure for agriculture is responsible. Germany has met a summer fairy tale behind the Chancellor in a new Pose, from the seat ripped, fists jubilantly in the height of Oliver Neuville’s 1:0 against Poland in injury time. Your 204. Day in the office was. More spontaneous jubilation will be no more.

14. In may 2011, the 2000. The

Tag of The 14. May 2011 is a Saturday. The BVB is German champion. But Merkel is only interested in moderate. Football is for you, unlike your predecessor Schröder, a question of national identity, not the Club life. They ruled already longer than Willy Brandt, without whose Ostpolitik, you never would have been able Chancellor to be. After 1659 days it was for him over.

Saturday is Podcast day. Your weekly Video message to the people. Merkel, how she sees the world and how the world would like to see. A good three minutes of a bone-dry lecture. Since June 2006 she has been doing this. Since then, there are 565 video messages, a total of more than 28 hours. It is news material, to the choice of topics. This Saturday, your 2000. Day, it’s a lot of: the future of Germany as an industrial location, the connection hold on to global designsicklungen. Merkel says: “the day after Tomorrow I will pass the National platform for electromobility second report of experience.”

Then she calls goals: “by 2020, one Million electric vehicles on our roads“. By 2030, even six million. And she names the challenges: Parking spaces associated with charging stations for batteries, for example. Or extra lanes for electric cars; “the necessary legal foundations have to be created“.

extra lanes for electric cars? This is also a knowledge of 5000 days in the Chancellery, not everything is to be stringent. There are constant Resistances and contradictions. And sometimes thoughts that are simply unnecessary. And as for the goals, since a gap is often, when you get down to the target date. Soon it is so far. It’s not looking good. In Germany, approximately 114.000 drive electric cars.


Video Ambassador: on Saturday, Merkel via a Video Podcast is addressed to the people. So Far 565 Times. 28 hours long.


This Saturday in may, 2011, by the way, your only anniversary day, on which you can govern with your supposed partner. 1000 days previously, it had not passed for Black-and-Yellow, 1000 days later, the liberals will be gone very deep in the woodwork. But – it doesn’t fit between the Union and the FDP. The beginning is weak. It is not more is better. Who wanted to, had this in 2000. Day the crack, according to can you suggest. The survey Institute Forsa, in the “Sunday question,” the FDP at four percent, the Union is stuck with regular 31.

The Greens are (now not more) sensational 26 percent. The reason for this: Two months before the reactor is damaged in Fukushima. The nuclear disaster in Japan leads to the most radical turn, which Merkel depending on a policy field is. A few days after the accident, the Cabinet tilts, the first half a year previously agreed extension of the term of nuclear power plants. Merkel, a physicist, is now a nuclear power opponent. From Calculus. She begins to shred the brand essence of the Union. Not all are convinced. Some of the a fist in the pocket.


Clap for the cabbage: Merkel, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, and Academy President Norman Pearlstine (v. l.) at the tribute to former Chancellor Helmut Kohl. The mentioned, you with any word

©Jesco Denzel/Bundesregierung/Pool/DAPD

You can say: The metamorphosis of Angela Merkel has begun and the party must participate. Not often that happens with Aplomb. It is a process. It controls him. It is also a continuous, an unstoppable settling movement of the party of Helmut Kohl.

it is now only rarely in the shadow of the Old. On Monday night, after their anniversary day, but, in 2002. Day, you have no other choice. Since it is in the tent of the American Academy at Berlin’s Wannsee, Bill Clinton is there, and you have to garnish the praise of cabbage with a greeting word.

Kohl, Dear, you mentioned this evening with no word.

7. In February 2014, the 3000. The

Tag of The 7. February 2014, a Friday. In Sochi, Putin opened the winter Olympic games, in Berlin, Angela Merkel presented to the Federal Chancellery, the new Two-Euro special coin. The piece of Money – 30 million copies – shows the Church of St. Michael in Hildesheim. Since 2006, every year a coin with a motif from one of the 16 Federal States, the German Chancellor has, in the meantime, Routine, the presentation, and yet its nearly three-minute speech contains two classic Merkel-sets of sparkling simplicity.

“to reflect These coins are a beautiful way to the cultural wealth of our country,” reads the first of these sentences. And the second: “this year, it is the ninth – we still have some in front of us, before all the provinces are due.”

Merkel says such Tante-Erna-sets free of any irony. Then she is astonished for a Moment, the coin, as if it were the blue Mauritius, at least. As “incredibly curious” describes Merkel herself. It unfolds itself in such C dates, a seriousness, there’s just nothing more important in the world than not would be long before Donald Trump – the US diplomat Victoria Nuland with a “Fuck the EU“ on Europe’s left, as would not need to tags occur before back Helmut Linssen as CDU party Treasurer, after the star had reported on his letter-box companies in the Bahamas.

Merkel is liable a nearly indestructible translucent imperturbability. In the ninth Chancellor of the inside of the year, reached and of “Time“ as powerful “woman of Europe” ennobled, it has, you may say so, bearing in lives in your office that fills you with happy-pragmatic Routine, and a certain stagnativen zeal. More, always more, even if it’s not right ahead.


numis technology: Merkel during the presentation of the Two-Euro commemorative coin of lower Saxony. Each year a different state is coming to the train.

©Miriam May/Action Press

To little time to little sleep. Too many miles, too much pressure. And in the evening a glass of Red. With a robust Psyche and Physis blessed, it can all seem loose. You will be 60 years this July, and you say you’re not supposed to so? – externally well kept in the office, which has been compared to Joschka Fischer, with a eight-thousander. Thin Air. Extremely debilitating. High Wear And Tear. 2583 days ruled by your predecessor, and at the end you saw each of them in Schroeder’s face is notched. Merkel still needs to 61 days, until they obsolete term in terms of another SPD Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, with whom you share a destiny with him, the party struggled all the more, the longer he ruled. But the Merkel, that day can not ancestral, in the year before the refugee summer.

this Friday morning, the latest Survey have been reported. The CDU is stable at 41 percent. With Merkel and her work, 69 percent are satisfied. Yet the party and the Chancellor make a profit community. Merkel has broken in the Christmas holidays in a fall in the trails to the pool. But anyone else thinking of the black Ossenberg crutches, on which you will be limping for weeks due to the political landscape, to be interpreted as a warning sign.


Merkel’s Support: The Chancellor on crutches with her main man, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble

©Rainer Jensen/DPA

in The evening, after Erfurt to. Closed meeting of the CDU Executive Board. Merkel goes for your relationships to bed early, around 23.15. She is still in pain. Otherwise almost everything is as always. The CDU writes a 77-page paper, shall set up commissions, and Merkel is trying everything to adversity in a quiet wegzumoderieren, also the dispute is with the CSU. Still, it is not about refugees, but the current routes, the Bayern want to do. But the three step, the next 2000 days created for Merkel is already. Only the singer, then the special coin – and then the first fight with Seehofer comes.

it is on the summit. It won’t get better.

3. November 2016, the 4000. The

Tag of The 3. November 2016 is a Thursday. She also spends this Tausendertag again in the evening in Erfurt, this time, after all, without a Walker. On the Bundestag of the German football Association holds the laudation for the new DFB honorary captain Jürgen Klinsmann. It is also a throwback to the summer fairy tale of 2006, and its first Chancellor inside the summer of, when Germany seemed to have finally as a Nation, and reconciled found. You no longer have the letter as doubtful, because it looks ten years old and a refugee summer later, even then.

Klinsmann has made as the coach of what would have made Merkel also fond of, but after tight election in 2005, had not dared to: He has changed the Load properly. That would have cost him just before the world Cup, almost the Job. Such risks are you afraid of.

You may assume that Merkel is preparing this evening more pleasure than the CDU-exam 1000 days before, and that you think your warm words for Klinsmann to be honest. It is a on the other hand, only a few Union leaders fall, the Merkel in the final would price curve this year, in 2016, such as the former striker: “I would love to take with us, and she becomes the new U.S. President,” said Klinsmann in the evening in Erfurt. The new US President is elected for five days but later Donald Trump. We come back to this in a moment.

Merkel could use a nice change well these days, emphasis on nice. It runs in permanent disaster mode. The exterior and the interior. Outside: The British are struggling just with the Brexit, Recep Tayyip Erdoan announced the beginning of the week, back the death penalty, almost everywhere in Europe rights and populism are forces in the ascendant. Inside: Finds its own candidate for President. It hooks up with the climate protection plan. Above all, they can’t get tamed the CSU, with your Pushing of an upper limit for refugees.


Fan community: Merkel with Ex – national coach Jürgen Klinsmann, the you as US President would be

©Martin Rose/

it makes not a happy figure. It is also not much left of the 41.5 per cent in to your magnificent election victory three years ago. 33 percent are still in the latest survey. The Anti-refugee party radicalized AfD stands at 13 percent. Merkel has at the beginning of the 4000. Day the Numbers in the morning situation, the daily meeting with the closest staff in the Chancellery, once again, delivered get. Then they met with representatives of organizations that deal with refugees. It goes – “Good day to you all!” – accommodation, Integration, and security. Merkel calls on your guests, to describe the problems – “of course, always with the aim to solve them“. A classic Merkel-sentence.

We create it? It keeps the Germans, in principle, to nuts, to anxious, to the spoils of success. Because of their change in resistance is not particularly viable in a globalized, digitized for the future. She complains again and again about it for years. In this country, as well as not?, quite changed in her eleven years as Chancellor. Rarely klinsmannesk reckless, mostly in their Pitter-patter of footsteps merkelig imperceptibly.

she thought about the Germans and they know me – I know you. She was wrong. With its decision in the previous year, letting hundreds of thousands of refugees into the country, it has overwhelmed a part of the German but stronger than she thought.

Suddenly, the former consensus woman splits the Nation. 52 percent do not find their work good – 48 percent.

Angela Merkel’s fan base

Still, she has not decided whether she will compete in the election in the coming year, even – but in these categories, she thinks, at best, in very weak moments – even the 5000 up to the full. There are not a few in the Union, the healing would be glad if the Chancellor, said, very profane, gradually, the snout would have been full of the Drudgery and all the Rest. From Seehofer, for example, has not been invited for the first Time at the CSU party Congress this weekend. That would have been “a gross political mistake”, their dissent on the open stage to discharge, will Seehofer say in his speech. In the year prior to that, he was the Chancellor for a half eternity beside endure like a discarded floor lamp.

she had enough reasons to let it go. Nevertheless, she announces a few days after the US election, to run again next year. She believes that she’s going to still be used with all of your experience – the world could not be the trump choice.

The faith, topsy-turvy world, for a long time, especially their political opponents. In your press kit, Merkel finds her 4000. Day in office, a sentence that Winfried Kretschmann, the night before, about you said: “I know of no one who could do this Job better than you.”

The Kicker Klinsmann and the Green Kretschmann – this is Merkel’s most reliable Fan base. The Best is long gone, the worst of it yet. Not until after the election in September 2017. Hanging and choking, until the government – and then only right. To be able to Chancellor to stay, gives Merkel at the end of the CDU presidency. Mountain climbers know: the descent from The eight-thousander is often more difficult than the ascent.


On Wednesday last week, was your 5000. Day. She is on vacation, but achievable, “when what is”. She was always, every damn day, from a few hours in the mountains of South Tyrol apart.


on: , Merkel in July 2019, shortly before the opening of the James-Simon – Galerie in Berlin

©Markus Schreiber/AP

the country has changed, she has changed. The Power of the Stress, the responsibility, to be alone at the very top, all of this has left traces, in the last time sometimes so that you have to Worry about your health, even if you say you are doing well. She says it in her words – it was “important that I be myself to the responsibility, confess, have the power to act”.

she remained. Not always in the coalition, which she wanted. The Greens have been missing in your collection, sie had also taken to Jamaica. It should not be.

she is now in the club of the 5000. A manageable circle. 143 more days, then it caught up with Adenauer, three days before Christmas eve. The will be able to take her any more. Not even the SPD.

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