should have killed A 50-Year-old in Werther near Bielefeld his parents and himself. The bodies were discovered on Wednesday afternoon in a single-family house in the District of Theenhausen, said the police and the Prosecutor’s office.

your suspicions justified, investigators with the auffinde situation of the bodies. For more information not made the police and the Prosecutor’s office initially, not to the age of the parents. A homicide took over the investigation.

members were supervised on-site of Emergency pastors. The police had been informed at noon of witnesses, a spokeswoman said. Forensics was in use. Officials with the white Overalls and gloves, surveyed the house. The police shut down the affected street. The house was cordoned off with red and white streamers.

The house in which the corpses were discovered, is located in a rural residential area, close to the border of North Rhine-Westphalia to lower Saxony. On Wednesday afternoon, only a few people on the street, as were in the area, a Reuters Reporter said. The small town of Werther, situated in the Teutoburg forest, about ten kilometres North-West of Bielefeld. She has about 11 500 inhabitants.

Guido Neugebauer, a representative of the mayor of the town of Werther, knew the dead personally. “I am shocked and deeply dismayed. My condolences to the families. Overall, I’m very sorry for the District of Theenhausen – the couple was known throughout the city,” said Neugebauer of the German press Agency. Neighbours of the victims were shocked.