According to a new investigation call after three former members of the Red army faction (RAF) have so far received around 50 new clues.

The lower Saxony state office of criminal investigation (LKA) said in Hanover to call without more Details. At the beginning of June, the authority had published new, however, more than 30-year-old photos of Daniela Klette. “To be able to the current investigation, we make the determination tactical reasons, no further information,” said a police spokesman on request.

Together with the Ex-terrorists, Ernst-Volker Staub (65) and Burkhard Garweg (50) to burdock (61) have attacked with heavy weapons of violence especially in the North of Germany, money transport, cash offices and super markets.

The three of them belong to the so-called third Generation of the RAF. To your account also a number of murders should go to Deutsche Bank chief Alfred Herrhausen (1989) and Treuhand head Detlev Karsten Rohwedder (1991).

After decades in the underground, the three terrorists were caught after a robbery on a money Transporter in June 2016 in Stuhr near Bremen are back in the crosshairs of the police. Of the three of them were found after the fact fingerprints. Was wanted in connection in the North of Germany, the Netherlands, where a track pointed, as well as in Spain, France and Italy.

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