It should only be a traffic control, but the Situation quickly escalated and police officers were surrounded by an angry and violent lot, prepare: On the evening of good Friday, cops routine trying to control a car in Mülheim-Styrum. Since the driver is a strong alcohol smelled, he should come to the police station. There is a blood collection should be made for an exact determination of the alcohol level.

men rushed

Apparently, the police was in the Wrong. The inmates are not wanted. From the surrounding Local well-Known were you to help. Quickly the police officers of the 50 men were surrounded. The police say that people with predominantly Eastern European origin.

The mood was ready aggressive and violent. The situation could only be by reinforcements from the surrounding towns defused. According to the spokesperson of police, Judith Herold, were also children involved in the commotion. Herald spoke of “a dangerous Situation”.

“The mood was increasingly needed to be more aggressive towards the officials, the guards, therefore, reinforcement by surrounding and cities to request”.

Eight people were eventually fixed with cable ties. There was considerable resistance to the actions of the police. Three rioters had to temporarily to the station with the addition of place-references was given. The Oberhausen street was cordoned off for use on a large scale. Until late in the evening, the police took the personal details of the parties Involved.

No Tuning-use

With the police checks to the so-called “Car-Friday” had to do with the use of apparently nothing. On a public holiday, the tuning scene meets for some years. The police tried to prevent illegal racing, and uses the opportunity for the mass Inspection of converted vehicles. Alone, when used in Wattenscheid 222 vehicles were examined, of which 52 cars were contested by 17 cars were also pulled.