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5 Hidden Ways to Relieve Nausea

That “I think I’m gonna get sick!” is undoubtedly an uncomfortable experience known as nausea. Nausea is usually caused by the side effects of some medications, acid reflux, motion sickness, allergies, pregnancy, over-eating, and many other things.

While Nausea is common, it’s pretty disabling. It can prevent you from doing your daily activities.

Generally, nausea causes a feeling of tightness in the chest, lightheadedness, and a strong urge to throw up. However, it doesn’t always result in vomiting, it’s mostly just a constant sick feeling.

There are anti-nausea meds such as Chlorpromazine and Hyoscine. But you wouldn’t want to rely on these, especially if the cause of your nausea is an underlying medical condition.

Let’s take a look at other hidden ways to relieve nausea despite the trigger.

1. Diet Coke

When feeling nauseous you may try anything from pills to homemade concoctions just to get rid of the nasty experience.

But…Did you know that there’s one unlikely treatment that actually works?

Well, that’s diet coke. The sugar-free coke has antiemetic properties. Simply put, antiemetics is a category of medications that prevent vomiting.

Diet coke lacks sugar and is also carbonated, which is a plus when countering nausea.

If you tend to have nausea frequently, try taking a bit of diet coke after meals before the queasiness sets in.

2. Peppermint

The unsettling feeling of being sick-to-your-stomach can immensely disrupt your personal and professional life.

Peppermint Aromatherapy is an amazing alternative to nausea medications.

Also known as the hybrid mint, peppermint is a fragrant herb from the mint family.

This is your go-to whenever you sense the nausea set in. Apart from being readily available, peppermint can be pretty soothing when it comes to motion sickness.

You don’t want to chew gum though. It only increases unnecessary saliva in your stomach making things worse.

You may sip peppermint tea. But what you really need is to inhale the scent. There are peppermint oils in stores, pour some in hot water to get the most out of its vapor.

Peppermint offers a refreshing experience and is totally worth trying if you suffer from nausea episodes.

3. Prop Your Head on a Raised Pillow

When feeling queasy, there is an instant urge to lie down. However, lying flat while feeling nauseous could do more harm than good.

It is better to incline your head, which helps you take advantage of gravity keeping everything within the body in its place. Try not to let your stomach feel like it’s upside-down because then you may not stop yourself from becoming a retching mess.

Take deep breaths while sitting or lying down in an upright position or propping your head with some pillows.

Deep breathing and muscle relaxing techniques will ease your mind from worries that worsen the feeling.  This technique is helpful when dealing with medication effects or motion sickness.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar-Lemonade Combo

Apple cider and vinegar-lemonade combo is probably the least expected remedy, but most trusted by those who use it.

This remedy is amazing and can cause immediate relief when you’re starting to feel sick. It is one of the oldest treatments for nausea and most trusted as a home remedy because it has proven to be effective.

Mix one cup of diet lemonade with a tablespoonful of vinegar and you’re ready to go. The treatment is also ideal for jumpstarting digestion after a heavy meal or you have problems with indigestion.

You need to be careful, however, because this treatment is acidic and may cause other problems like heartburn.

5. Granddaddy Grape

If you’re wondering what this is, it’s a marijuana hybrid strain.

With most states having some form of legislation allowing the use of cannabis products, you may be able to take advantage of this wonderful nausea remedy.

Granddaddy Grape comes from indica and is rich in THC, meaning it has psychoactive effects. But it’s also relaxing and great for treating a host of symptoms like nausea, pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

Check out Veriheal to learn more about cannabis strains that can help relieve nausea.


Nausea is usually temporary but can be such a buzzkill. These remedies are perfect if you hate or experience no changes and side effects from anti-nausea medications.

It is however advisable to consult a doctor if the nausea persists as something more serious could be going on.

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